I hit you over the head. Are you unconscious yet?

How easy is it to know someone unconscious with a blow to the head?

If you hope to take by surprise an opponent against whom you would not survive in a fair fight, hitting him/her on the head without a successful K.O. could get you in some serious trouble. Or, if you are capable of winning a fair fight but are trying to be stealthy and therefore want to avoid the noise involved in a fight, a blow to the head not resulting in a K.O. may result in the victim howling in pain, thus blowing your cover.

In the movies a blow to the head works every time. But I wonder how accurate this is. How hard a blow is necessary? At what point on the head should one aim. Remember we don’t want to kill anybody.

Please respond as quickly as possible. I am writing from the dungeon of a madman who is intent to take over the world. There is one guard guarding my cell who I must get past (the guard has kids- I’d hate to have to kill him, after all, he’s just doing his job).

Available materials include a blackjack, a beer bottle, a frying pan, and a vase.

That, of course should be “knock someone unconscious” not “know someone unconscious”. And I previewed too, damn!

Any sharp blow to the head that is forceful enough to cause unconsciousness, can cause death.

Always remember: real life is different from the movies. :dubious:

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You failed to mention that you also have a computer with an internet connection, and seem to be on fairly good terms with the guard (he’s already told you about his kids).

Why not let him play on the computer for bit, maybe surf the net, email his family etc… Then, when he’s not paying attention, pinch his keys and lock him in the cell…

NEVER hit anyone on the head, even in jest, unless they are genuinely trying to kill or seriously harm you and it’s the only way to stop them. And you then shouldn’t be surprised if they die or are permanantly brain damaged.

Also, there are probably much better ways of incapacitating someone than hitting them on the head. If you are a Vulcan, I recommend the ‘Spock’ death grip…

I remember an decades old story in Popular Mechanics (or Science, or Mechanics Illustrated, or whatever - the cool old style mechanics magazines - there’s a thread in itself) with full color illustrations (so it was probably the 80s or early 90s, but I digress).
Anyway, it was discussing the ‘science’ of TKOs, and basically said after a spot-on hit the boxer drops unconscieous because his head stops turning quickly (due to neck muscles) but his brain keeps going on (due to inertia) till it basically smacks into the skull - big brain bruising and all.
Not sure if the ‘movie’ style vase-over-head hit is supposed to work the same way, but a ‘brain bruise’ does not sound healthy (I suppose I could look up concussion on WebMD, but alas not right now…)

It might be possible to know someone unconscious, in the Biblical sense.

Judging by how hard I bashed my head the other night, it would take a very solid blow to either knock someone unconcious or dead.

I’d be surprised if it was within the capability of most of us to be able to differentiate the amount of force necessary to knock someone unconscious but not cause irreparable harm or even death. For one thing, the amount required will probably differ from person (victim) to person. For another, it’s not something we regularly practice.

A friend showed me how to knock people out with a hammerlock which while arguably safer than a blow to the head could still get you into a great deal of trouble.

Don’t forget that even though you might knock someone out, that’s just temporary. I for one would be extremely pissed when I came to.

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