I hope this book is as good as it sounds: Remember Bowling Green

The Adventures of Frederick Douglass - Time Traveler! I bought this as an impulse purchase as recommended by BookBub.

In a nutshell, a bloated rich guy who has no business in politics is rising to power and it is up to a time-traveling Frederick Douglass to stop him. I am only a few pages in but so far it is fun and funny, absolutely full of political references. I didn’t read too many Amazon reviews as they tend to be filled with spoilers but it seemed to me like this book is a hit so far.

Has anyone else read this? I know there’s potential for it to be a high concept political screed but just like Snakes on a Plane it’s got me by title alone.

I read it and I find the book’s storyline to be too implausible.

Some random billionaire comes out of nowhere and puts on a Republican Jersey, after being a lifelong democrat?

He’s a slick talking con man real estate developer from New York City, and he convinces bubba the coal miner he’s got his back? Nobody would believe that.

He admits to possible rape on tape, openly ignores any level of “conservative family values”, and is just openly an asshole to everyone? He doesn’t filter what he says but just rants a word salad on social media for everyone to see how dumb he is?

And then the election story. He loses by 3 million votes but manages to trick enough rural idiots to vote for him despite every major media outlet openly campaigning against him? Unlikely. Why would people disbelieve what the credible sources like the TV and newspaper are telling them and go with conspiracy theories they read on social media?

I put the book down after skimming it. No way it would happen like this.

I downloaded a sample. I might buy it. What the hell, it’s only 99¢.

+1 I spent my 99 cents and will give it a try.

@SamuelA – you made me laugh and cry simultaneously, though to be honest, that’s been happening a lot lately.

Meh. I expect more out of my low budget Kindle books, so unless Douglass bangs a dinosaur, I’m out.