I hope this hasn't been posted here already...

This is truly bizarre.

Freaky! Some kind of song about Islamic Swedish wolley hats?

Okay, Badtz Maru – just what the heck were you doing when you surfed into that?

All of a sudden, I have this extreme urge to buy a blue and white knit cap…

How in the hell did you find this site? I loved it.

Anybody know the words?

Someone posted a link on another site. The translation (not of the actual song, but the Dutch words that it sounds like) is here. I heard it’s some kind of weird fad in the Netherlands to do this to foreign songs.

The 60s never really ended for these people, I take it?

This hat site rules! I thought I’d pay ya’ll back by translating a delightful drinking game found there, but only in swedish as far as I can see. I don’t really speak Swedish, but I do know some Danish which is enough to read Swedish very roughly.

“The oldest person at the party holds the hat when the music begins. When the music has begun, the old person places the hat on the most drunk person at the party (That is why it’s called the “fullehat” (“the drunk hat”)). The one who was chosen to wear the hat (and is the most drunk!) dances around in the middle of the group, delighting in being allowed to wear the hat.”

This is where my Swedish starts to fail me slightly, but I’m pretty sure it sorta reads: "When the song comes to the part when everybody sings “THE HAT IS MINE!”, everybody must drink up! The one with the hat then sings: “The hat is MINE!”

“This is an old but effective way of raising the mood at a party, and it never goes out of style!”

If anyone could be so kind as to post the Swedish lyrics to the song I would like to read/translate them. I can’t seem to access the song file itself. :frowning:

— G. Raven

Oh my God!!!

(Badtz, it’s not Dutch, it’s Swedish.)

This is truly hysterical. As the resident Swedish chick on the board I’ll try to explain what’s going on.

When a Swedish person listens to the song, he or she can (provided said person has a bizarre sense of humor) hear what they’re singing in Swedish. Or what it sounds like anyway.

I’ll try to translate the first part, but believe me, it loses some in the translation…

The hat is yours
Win kinky funny
Win kinky funny
The hat is yours
The hat is yours
Hat, baby, hat, baby
That hat lives so funny
The hat is yours
The hat is yours
Hat, baby, hat, baby
This sucks
we think it becomes gay
It was always funny

Morrison, what is that drinking game you’re thinking of? I have played plenty of drinking games in my life, but I have never heard of anything like fyllehatt.

Could you maybe post the lyrics in their original, Swedish form? :slight_smile:


— G. Raven

The drinking game is featured on the same site, and seems to be associated with the song:


I can’t download the song for some reason though :frowning:

Wow, how much I laughed at these pictures.

The old guys are typical Turkish elder people of rural origin.
The young group is a folk dance group in their traditional costumes of soueth east Turkish folklore.

But the old guys…
Man, I keep seiing a few of them everyday

I pretty much laughed my ass off in the office imagining what their reaction would be if they learned their picture was posted somewhere on the internet for the whole world to see!
THe reaction would be something like…
“What???..What is that??”

Sweet innocence!

Morrison, Badts already did that for you. :slight_smile:

It’s Swedish though, and a Swedish fad. I’ve seen more things like this one and they are all funny as hell. Can’t remember where though.

The drinking game seems to be more proof of these people’s bizarre sense of humour. I think they just made up a cool game to go with the song. It’s funny none the less, I might introduce it to all my friends.

:eek: I’m sorry I misspelled your name, Badtz.
::hangs head in shame::

Thanks for the correction, and don’t worry about misspelling my name.

I too am considering playing that drinking game next time I get a few drunk friends together. With the music, of course.

I know he posted the link :slight_smile:

The problem is that I can’t access certain sites like geocities from my country, because of the political situation. The government controls the internet here and stops certain adresses. Geocities was probably chosen because they don’t like the idea of anyone being able to host a page there.
The worst part is I can’t access the people pages :frowning:

I’d still really like to read the lyrics, though :slight_smile:

— G. Raven

Morrison, I did a Google search for Hatten är din, and I came up with the following. Maybe you can access one of these pages instead. I hope you can understand enough Swedish to find your way around, if not, e-mail me and I’ll help you out.

Google search

[aside]What in the world are you doing in China?[/aside]

Woah! In that group of 7 people…3rd from the left…is that…Frasier?!? :lol

This is what makes the net so beautiful !

Where else could you be exposed to this ?

Is there music to that? or is it just silent on my computer?