I hope you don't freeze, you prick!

Freaking 18 degrees out here and I spent two hours in a snowy field trying to catch the dog you abandoned.

I work for a rather infamous toll road out here, and there are always abandoned pets. I hate, hate, freaking hate it!

Here’s a clue, kittens grow up to be cats, puppies grow up to be dogs. If you can’t handle a full grown animal, don’t get one. An animal is a living breathing thing, not an outgrown toy to toss away on a goddamn highway. If you can’t take care of it, give it to a good home or take it to a shelter. If you think that’s cruel, take it to your vet and have them put the poor son of bitch down. I hate that option, but believe me, I hate it less that me worrying all goddamn night about her freezing to death in an empty field…alone, starving, thirsty and waiting for your useless ass to come back for her. You don’t deserve that loyalty.

I’ve rescued stray cats and their kittens from the toll road because you were too cheap and lazy to get your poor cat fixed, and too irresponsible to keep her when she got pregnant. Our courtesy patrol guys have chased your pets every spare minute for days trying to save them and then, brokenhearted, cleaned their poor dead bodies from the side of the road.

I’m pretty positive this is another disposed pet, because the crossroad is a favorite place for you and worthless kind to do your damned dumping. I want you to know she’s been there awhile, because her footprints are frozen in the now solid snow.

I found a big box, and emptied out the fridge at work, confiscated a mat to make some shelter for your throwaway pet. I’ve put that out with hopes and prayers that she stays alive tonight until I can attempt to get a humane trap to catch your poor, terrified used-to-be pet. If I can’t, we’ll be checking every day, putting out water and food to try to keep her alive. Don’t thank me, you prick, I’d do the same for you.

So,in keeping the title, I hope your furnace does not go out and all your windows do not shatter in the night when it gets down to freaking 5 degrees so you won’t freeze to death like your poor damn used-to-be pet probably will.

But I do hope that karma rears it head and bites you hard on your flabby, useless, acne ridden ass…you prick!

You’re too kind. I’d stake the bastards out naked in the cold and leave them there till I felt like going back for them.

Which might be never, I dunno.

Eh. Naked in the cold, naked and covered in honey on an ant bed, something like that would work.

Karana smiles upon the OP’s rescue efforts.

May I?

Does Karana have the kind of juju that would inspire ants to venture out into the cold to get some honey?

Just curious.

Karana grants his most loyal Druids many powers, including the ability to root opponents in place and the ability to summon swarms of insects to inflict great damage on rooted or entangled opponents.

Holy fucking shit, you are so much better a person than I could ever hope to be. Based on what you’ve said, and what I would desperately love to do, you may qualify for Sainthood if Catholic.

Forget the shelter/putting it down/etc. Why the fuck not just hand it to a toll worker and say you found it abandoned?!??!1?11!?1eleventyfuckingteen!!!

I hope the fucker suffers what too many innocents have to. Like inoperable dick cancer. Or breasts that suddenly migrate to the ankles. Or, hopefully, something much, much worse.

Fuck! Now I’m in a bad mood.

MizTina, you’re a good gal.

Fuck that asshole.

Makes me so sad- I was browsing at my local giant breed rescue’s website today, looking at potential new dogs.

People suck.

Is it because it’s a toll road (pay per use?) that people dump their pets? Why would that be?

You are a better person than I - 'cause I wouldn’t spend a minute looking for the sorry asshole who would dump an animal on the side of the road.

Don’t get disheartened if you find it on the road…you may save the next one.

My WAG would be that people dump their pets wherever they feel like it, but because this particular road is a toll road, there are employees around, like the OP, who care about animals and do something about it.

I’m not overly familiar with toll roads except the one going to McKean, Pennsylvania where you stop and drop money in a little metal box hanging on a booth.

I can’t imagine anyone dumping a creature out of a vehicle near a roadway…in my wildest dreams I can’t envision why. And why those people never get caught.

Good reason for video on the highways, I suppose. If it was pursued.

I’m no saint either so I agree with you 100%.

We have two huge dog parks in my area and that seems to be the new spot to abandon dogs. It’s horrible to abandon animals but at least they aren’t left starving on the road.

Just another one speaking up to say I really respect you and your co-workers for trying to clean up this kind of mess.

I’ve actually met people who’ve told me that dumping former pets along the road is more humane than taking them to the shelter, because the shelter might put the pet down. There are people out there who shouldn’t be allowed to even consider owning pets. (Let alone whether they should be allowed to be responsible for the care of children.)