I hope you're next, Tom Price!

My deep hatred for Tom Price, the former head of the Dept of Health and Human Services who had to resign because he was racking up tens of thousands of dollars in airfare for no reason, is bringing me some joy today.

When he was nominated, a lot of people pointed out how he was involved in some very shady stock deals with his good friend Rep. Chris Collins. Today, Chris Collins was arrested for securities fraud.

Here’s hoping Tom Price is next. That would please me just a smidgeon.

Let’s throw Wilbur Ross into the stew, too. He’s also being accused of embezzlement.

The *best *people. *Extreme *vetting. Drain the swamp!

When you’ve been a crook all your life, it’s a good bet that all your buddies are crooks too. Trump thinks this is normal, and that everyone is a crook.

Actually, I doubt he even understands that he’s a crook. That’s just the way things are done don’t cha see.

The only swamp Trump will ever drain will be so he can build condos and then defraud the guys he hired to drain the swamp in the first place!

And yet, people in large numbers still vote R, because they have been convinced that anyone who is a D is the most evil creature straight from the pits of fiery hell, or something something.


Nate McMurray just got a shot in the arm.

This is the same Part of New York that elected Kathy Hochul in a special election after Chris Lee ® resigned for screwing around on Craigslist.