I just almost got killed by a sword-swinging freak!

No, really.

I was just walking back to work from getting my mail. I’m approaching the corner of Bush and Montgomery in downtown San Francisco, and notice a woman dressed all in black kneeling on the sidewalk. Suddenly, this woman stands up and pulls from her bag a rather large sword and starts swinging it above her head! She was completely silent, and took no notice of the people around her, but if i’d have been one foot ahead of where i was, i would have at least gotten whacked in the side of the head with the thing (i have no idea how sharp it was). I’d say chances are better than even that this woman was, well, not all there.

This is probably really sick, but the first thought i had was, “god i love this town!”

zyzz, what really would have been cool is if you had drawn your own sword and had a little fencing practice!

Ok. Yet another thing to worry about… random sword wielding pedestrians.

Sounds like a band name. Random Sword-Weilding Pedestrians.

And people want to live there? Why?

I want stuff like that to happen to me! I’m so jealous…

That’s pretty cool… if a little dangerous.

Sounds like San Francisco is the right place for zyzz, Johnny L.A., and Silver Fire.

… me too, for that matter, I kinda want to see that sort of random stuff too.

If only you’d had your (spud) gun handy - a real Indiana Jones moment

Oh yeah! And when I was there, me, zyzz and oldscratch saw Saturn! On the street!

Wow… I can’t wait to go to California! :smiley:

they had one of these on the Staten Island ferry a few years ago.

Some retired cop showed him that not only is the pen mightier than the sword, so is a .38.

Zyzz, glad you survived the experience. Still, having lived in the Bay Area for the last 13 years or so, I’m not in the least bit surprised. :slight_smile: Things like that are the reason I LOVE this place!

But then again, I’m a mental patient…

feels incredibly embarrassed and covers face with hands

I’ve been discovered!
If I had known that that was you, zyzzyva, I wouldn’t have been so careless in my swordplay!

Nothing like stealing one of my boyfriend’s swords from his collection and wreaking havoc in public!

So did I!!

Last night I went to visit an ex-flatmate of mine for some beers… as I open the door to go in, the first thing I see is someone bringing a samuri sword up above their head then bringing it down on a can of beer in order to open it.

Me(avoiding sword): “so what have you been up to”

Ex-flatmate: “well…” looks at floor “we bought a sword yesterday…”

Plenty of beer on the floor that evening :slight_smile:

You’re in San Francisco? The woman was probably an accountant. Maybe a banker.


When all you have is a samurai sword, everything looks like a ninja…

“There can be only one.”
zyzz, was the Quickening a natural high? :smiley: