I just ate a Ketchup packet. Thats how hungry I am.

I am sitting at work, stomach growling. It’s 4am. Nothing is open. I didn’t bring food. Or money for the vending machine. I came straight from school. I ate at 8am yesterday morning. No time between school and work. Feeling starvation setting in. Open desk drawer. See 3 ketchup packets in there. In desperation I tear open one of them and take a whiff. Smells like ketchup. Same ketchup that tastes so yummy on my 1/4 pounder. I have no choice. I must consume the ketchup. I must have nourishment or I will die. Put in mouth and squeeze and taste the salty goodness of Wendy’s ketchup. Not as good as I anticipated. Not good at all. Feel kid shitty now. I hope there are no cameras here that taped me doing that.

I ate a Ketchup packet. Well, not the actual packet, but the ketchup that was inside. I ate a “topping” as “food”.


I used to eat bowls of ketchup with a spoon for a snack. Of course, I was seven years old and also ate pencil erasers.
Ahhh…Good times.

[sub]do you have any coworkers you can beg for food? IME, every workplace has a least one “hoarder” with a drawer full of snacks and goodies…[/sub]


for reasons, I won’t get in to… I’ve done the same thing.

ketchup is full of sugar, i hope you get off so you can get some proper nutrition.

you sound soooooo busy. even if you dont have time to make a sandwich to bring along… just fill your backpack with fruit or something. hope you have some bottled water around… or something. dehydration is tiring.

Still at work. I work alone on mid shift. Deskjob. I am not poor. I am irresponsible for not bringing food or eating before work. This happens about 3 nights a week. I am not hungry on the way to work so I don’t grab McD’s or anything. I get hungry around 2am. Everything is closed by then.

I have a horse radish packet in my drawer. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Wonder if it will be better than the ketchup? I know it will make my eyes water. Bad idea. Taco sauce in there too.


I’ve never doine it with ketchup, but I’ve done it with Taco Bell Mild Sauce. I put it on one of those two-saltine-cracker packs they give you at Wendy’s with your salad. We were in the middle of moving offices and I was the only one left in the office for the evening. I was desperate and couldn’t leave.

Don’t you have gas stations that are open 24 hrs? You can at least get a beer and some beernuts.

[David Spade]

Ugh, I can hear you getting fatter.

[/David Spade]

Stinkpalm, it’s very important to eat a balanced diet. You really should mix in some green vegetables, so rummage around some more and find a packet of pickle relish.

Food would be better for you.

I can see the Fox special now.

Caught on tape at work.

<deep bass announcer voice>
This guy thought no one was watching, but wait until you see what he does next!

Grainy black and white video plays.

Lets watch that again! First he looks around, to make sure can see him. He reaches in his desk for, yep you guess it it, a pack of ketchup, and actually sucks it right out of the packet!

Lets hope his boss doesn’t “Ketch-up” with him, or he’ll be looking for a new job!

Someone watches way too much TV :slight_smile:

Oh and eating ketchup, I do it sometimes. If I’m bored and in the mood to ‘taste’ something. Also, I like to get the super hot Taco Bell sauce (the hottest ones) and keep them on hand. When you have a stuffed up nose, nothing works better than wolfing 3-4 of them in a row. Also the hot mustard packets they have at this chinese restaurant near me… You know, that really super hot Chinese mustard? That clears the sinus up in no time when you eat a bunch of it straight.

Do it, man. You know you want to. You know you need to. You’re hungry, after all, aren’t you? And it’s just gonna sit there if you don’t put it to use. Eat it. Do it. C’mon.

Just so you you don’t get scurvy, try and scare up some jelly.

Do you have a coffee maker? Freeze-dried crystals might taste good right about now… Mmmmmm…

Boy, you must have been hungry: That plastic packet is proably indigestible. :smiley:

Don’t forget to roll up the end like a toothpaste container to get that last slurp of ketchup.

Eating packets of ketchup is “desperation?” Please. It’s dessert. :smiley:

go for packets of hot chocolate! mmmmm— mmmmm good.