I just bought 5 lb of caul fat at $2/lb! In NYC!

See subject.

I told the girl who sold it to me that I would put this on the Internet because only there would be the remotest chance that someone could be found who could properly appreciate the event in all its profundity.


What are you going to do with it? Did you get pig, cow, or sheep fat?

This really belongs in CS where you’ll probably find great recipes. I have none, never used it myself, but I’ve had dishes prepared with it.

I have a buddy in NYC who would probably be very interested in this!

Hell, I would be if I could easily get there to indulge.

Mama mia, that’ll wrap a lot of meatballs.

I take it that is a good price? What does it normally run?

You folks are showing off! How many people know what “caul fat” is? :slight_smile:
(I had to look it up…)

It has been a good day-I learned something. :slight_smile:

I read this as “5 lb of cauliflower” twice and it did not seem like a good deal. Then I opened the thread and realized that was not what you’d purchased.

You are a fortunate man indeed!

I got the Japanese grocery by me (Mitsuwa) to give me their beef tallow for free for years. Then they figured out people wanted it :frowning:

Just looked it up, and I thought a caul was a membrane which covered the face of a baby (or, I guess, calf or whatever) at birth.

Seventh son, born under a caul, mystic powers, &c.

Fight my ignorance for me. What the hell is it and what is it used for? Caul that is.

Who you cauling fat?

It is the web of membrane laced with veining of fat that is used to wrap lean cuts of meat and sausage|meatballs to add fat to their cooking.

It’s a fatty membrane that holds an animals guts together.
Think animal-gut-duct-tape. Looks like fatty lace.

The reason it’s prized is that it’s pretty much equal parts fat and connective tissue. If you wrap something in caul it kind of slowly melts and bastes with the fat, so if you have something that wouldn’t hold together very well on it’s own, like a roll of lean meat, the caul ties it together and moistens it as it melts.

ETA: looks like this

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I too would like to know the normal price, in NYC or elsewhere.