I just finished drivers ed. Should I have gotten something like a certificate?

I’m really worried. Last week I finally finished up drivers ed, two weeks of boredom, every night, six to nine. But believe it or not, my teacher quit half way through and the whole class had subs for the rest of the time. When we finished, we all just left without getting anything. Were we supposed to get something that certified we finished our 30 classroom hours? Help, I don’t want to waste 30 more hours of my life :frowning: .

When I finished drivers ed here in Canada, when it was all over, I got a business card with a holograph, and the instructor’s signature on it. I had to show it to the Drive Tester/Some dude at SGI to prove that I had taken Driver’s Ed.

Call your Motor License Issuer, insurance provvider, whoever about Driver’s Ed, and see if you can find out anything.

It probably various Country to country and state/provence to @#!@#, so just look in your Yellow Pages under insurance. It’ll take you about 20 min, and you will be set straight

As I remember it ,in Illinois, about 12 years ago, we took a test the last day of class, which if you passed, you would receive a “blue slip” in the mail a few weeks later. This slip allowed you to take the official driving test at the DMV.

Driver’s ed was a summer school course for me. No documentation was given, but I didn’t have to take driver’s ed to take the driver’s test. Just had to take it.

Thanks so much for the quick responses! I swear they don’t tell you anything when you sign up for these things. I guess I’ll call tomorrow and watch my mail.

Depends on what your driving rules are and suchlike. I took it in 1996 with a learner’s permit and all it did is give me an insurance break - I didn’t need it for the test or anything like some people in this thread evidently did. I didn’t get a certificate or anything, just told the insurance company. I did give them a transcript, but that was for my good student discount, although they might have seen the Drivers’ Ed on there and not called to find out or asked for verification, I don’t know.

I don’t remember getting anything either. I think that my parent’s insurance company at the time just took our word for it.