I just found a famous person!

Actually, I didn’t so much find them as find an interesting tidbit about them in a magazine, and I use famous very loosely here…

I was reading the “Inquirer” magazine (stuck in the Sunday ed. of the Philly Inquirer - clever name, no?) Every week they highlite someone local who’s done something noteworthy. This week it was about Daniel Stern, who recently got a job as the head chef at Le Bec Fin, quite possibly the most expensive and ritzy but also well-known restaurant in Philly. Not only is he a South Jersey boy (common thread number one), but he went to my elementary school! AFAIK, that’s the most succesful that just about anyone who went through our schools has gone on to be…

Very mundane, very pointless. But Iwanted to share. :cool:

Damn . . . I thought you’d found Jimmy Hoffa!

I saw the title to this thread and went “What…was Elijah Wood hiding under a rock?”

Rock on, dude!

Kevin Arnold became a chef?

Good one Scarlett67

There’s definitely something to be said for a guy who can cook, but DAMN I wish I’d found Elijah Wood instead! drool Hobbits…

ahem. Sorry. No, I don’t think he’s hot, why? :wink: