I just got a Windows 7 upgrade and now my computer is doing something SUPER ANNOYING. Help!

So, I got Windows 7. It’s okay. Whatever. My problem is that it’s now picked up a new and COMPLETELY FUCKING IRRITATING HABIT. When I am writing, every minute or few minutes or so, the cursor will move to wherever I left the mouse arrow. So one minute I’ll be typing in one place, and the next, my words will be on a totally different part of the page. I had to edit a paper yesterday and was practically homicidal by the end of the process.

Any ideas for a quick fix?

Any chance you have a laptop with a touchpad? I’m constantly bumping it by accident while typing, and it reads it as a tap that does exactly what you say.

I do have a touchpad, but this is not a touchpad problem. It does it even when my hands are nowhere near the touchpad. Besides, I find it unlikely that I would suddenly develop a problem I’ve never had at the same time I upgrade to a new version of Windows.

It could be a program in the background that is stealing focus.


A possible reason it could change with the Windows 7 upgrade is a change in mouse driver (or settings). The mouse driver you had before might have disabled the touchpad when an external mouse is plugged in, and the default Windows 7 driver doesn’t. I had to replace my mouse driver when I upgraded to 7 to get this functionality back.

Or maybe the upgrade changed the settings to be more sensitive and you need to dial that back. I’d play around with this before looking elsewhere for a cause.

If you’re typing, your hands are near enough the touch pad for it to register a click.

Plug in an external pointing device, and disable your touch pad (and stick, if applicable). See if the problem goes away.

Or if you don’t wanna disable the touchpad, see if you can disable it’s click feature.

I hate that ‘feature’ that’s what the buttons are for!

Go to Control Panel/Devices and Printers/Mouse/Pointer Options and enable “Hide mouse pointer while typing”.

Do you happen to use AVG as your anti-virus program?

This happens to me all the time. 90% sure its my big meaty hands.

This just hides it, but touching the touchpad will still result in a click that jumps the cursor to wherever it last was. You have to disable the touchpad or turn off the “Tap to Click” setting.