I just got kicked out of my apartment

and I couldnt be happier about it. I feel like running through the streets singing “Ding dong the witch is dead”
A little background. A year ago, after not getting into medschool, I decided to move out west to sunny San Diego, take some time off, enjoy my self, the weather, etc before applying again. I got a job, and moved in with some relatives, 30 minutes north of San Diego in late September. In about November, I began to feel like I was pushing the limits of their hospitality. They would never accept money from me (my mom’s side is a very close family of 42), but I got the sense that they wanted their space back (I was crashing in their den). I looked at many places and learned that San Diego is host to many space cadets. After a while though, I found a place, much nicer than any I’d seen (weight room, movie theater, pool, putting green, etc.) and signed up right away. My roommate appeared normal at first glance. A ~35 y/o woman, but I thought we had some common ground (both from LI, both pre-med in college, both spoke broked German). Exactly 25 seconds after signing the lease I realized she represented the worst of all the selfish, um . . . runts, I was trying to get away from. As we sat in the leasing office, talking about work etc. she pulled out her cell phone. Not to answer a call, not to call someone, but to leave a message on someone’s phone mail saying that she had left a message on the persons other voice mail account, just in case they hadnt checked that one. “I’ve made a huge mistake” I thought.
I was polite, though elusive for several months. She invited her ‘boyfriend’ (one of 6 I’ve counted so far) to stay for 5 weeks without asking me. Fine. Your friends and their 2 month old are staying here for two weeks, whatever.
It all came to head a few weeks ago, when a pot I was using broke as I cleaned it. She was standing there the whole time, and saw how the handle cracked off as I washed it, but said nothing. Next morning I wake up and see a note on the counter “THAT WAS AN EXPENSIVE POT.” First, its a pan; Second, my uncle, who lived with my family (a close family, like I said) was a gourmet chef (Russian Tea Room, Helmsley Palace, Water Club, etc) and taught us all about cookware. Expensive pans don’t have plastic handles, they’re solid steel, aluminum, or copper so you can put it in the oven. I look it up on line, and low and behold it comes in a set of 4 for $30. Expensive to some, not so much to someone who drives a Mercedes (which she calls Sadey, :shiver:).
You have to understand, I’m desperate to get her to ask me to leave (so I dont have to buy out my lease) and reply as snidely, but maturely as possible. It escalates, and finally, today, I signed the papers that say I get to move out at the end of the month, no further rent owed.
Less than 4 hours later, I meet with some students/recent grads I found on Craigslist. Its your typical College house. Beer refrigerator in the living room right next to the TV, Bar in the dining room, one bath room for 5 people, ramen everywhere, Simpsons/Super Troopers on TV. It felt like home. I talk it over, with the roommate in charge, tell him I want it, and he says, “Yeah, Great. I’ll call you on Friday with the specifics.” All in time to get home and see Family Guy mind you. Everything’s finally coming up JimiThing. :smiley:
Wow, I think that was my longest post ever. Sweet.

high fives

Can I crash on the couch sometime?

Duuuuude, the police are, like, totally looking for me. Can I crash at your place? I won’t make any noise, all the calls to and from my “Friend” in Colombia will be at 2:00 AM so you’ll be asleep. And I can provide security! I’ll keep my shotgun behind the sofa (OK, technically it’s my friends gun. I’m not allowed to own a gun anymore but it’s all cool.) Oh, could you do me a little favor and keep this bag in your room? Every time my friends and business partners show up, they always expect me to hook them up if you know what I mean. And I’ll need a little space to set up my equipment. Sometimes the girls ain’t got no cash and so I like to videotape their “Payments.” It’s just for a couple of months, you know. Just until the statute of limitations runs out in Utah.

Good job.

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