I just got laid...

…off. :frowning:

In all fairness, I haven’t actually been laid off yet, just told that the contract I’m on will definatly end on Monday, and that I should bring a resume with me to work to see if they can find something for me to do in another department. My department is the only one that could possibly use my skills, so the writing is pretty clear on the wall.

I can’t say I’ve been a model employee, but it is mostly because I’ve known this would happen for quite some time. The company doesn’t take care of its employees and clients, so I’ve had no compunction in setting my own schedule or building a better life through stealing office supplies. It’s a two way disrespect, and works because I get to put down a year of notebook and networking experience, and they got a tech that could show up halfway through the day and still take more than his quota of calls. I got the better end of the stick, but the knowing that this would come eventually (they couldn’t keep a contract if it was glued to their fat asses) balanced it out.

I’m pretty pissed though. They botched this one so bad that the customer elected to end it a month early. A bloody week before I would have been here a year and got my two weeks vacation, which I had been planning on using to go to California with my girlfriend (she works at a bank and had to request it off a few months in advance). Now I’ll have to either get money from Uncle Sam, or take a new job and have her waste a week’s vacation. I don’t mind going on the dole, but do feel bad about getting it long enough to go to Cali, and would need to sell some stuff to make the bills.

Just makes me spit how little some companies have to care for their employees. And people wonder why support is always so bad.

Thanks for nothing asshole. I was all ready to hear a good laid story and I get this bullshit. I will think twice before opening another one of your posts.

BTW, sorry about all that shit thats happening to you. Only way you’ll be appreciated in a company is to actually own it.

Awww, that sucks. {{{{{{{Madpoet}}}}}}}
I hope you get a good replacement job soon. good luck
:::tosses a handful of “fairy dust” over Madpoet’s head::: Hope this helps a bit.

Oh, and I was so worried that you were off the market! Sorry about your job, that sucks. Wish I could make it better. I can pretty much just give you cyber hugs and thank God that I am just a student and don’t need such worries.

Sorry Jebus. I’d write about other meanings that subject might have, but I’m not very god at… ah… short stories.

The funny thing is that I was all set to do the same thing back to the company. My intent was to take vacation and then split for a new job with no notice. I’ve no doubt that I’ll get a new, better paying, cushy job. But I wanted it in a month, dammit!

Ah well. Thanks all… I’ll report back when some poor sucker decides I’m worth more than 35k a year.

Hey Mad, where ya located? I’m on my way out of my current job myself and into a new one soon, hopefully. Relying on headhunters to help me out. All starts next week. good luck man.

Hey, MadPoet, don’t get lathered, it’ll happen. You just went through one of the inevitable Pearls Before Swine steps. Idiots abound and true fact, it happens to everybody. Living well is the best revenge, as is said. You’ll bounce back in style, never fear.

But that doesn’t excuse being a blatant thread tease.

::smacks MadPoet right upside the head with a roundhouse swing with a carp, fortunatetly dead at the time::

Now wipe the muddy water out of your eyes, fire up the grill (we’re not wasting a perfectly good deceased carp!)and come across with implied skinny on your sex life.

Hell, we’ve all had employment problems, but as a longtime, respected poster you know how rare viable sex lives are!

You wouldn’t have teased us to lightly, right???

Waiting expectantly,

That is what I was prepared to call you.

Now I’ll ust offer this tidbit. Take the two weeks and go to California (with an aching in your heart). Get laid for real. Put a smile on yer face.

Then jump back into the rat race. Who knows, you may find something out there which will pay the bills and allow you to live in closer proximity to your GF

skugs – Keep the fairy dust away from me. I used to free base the shit and I’ve been clean for 1 1/2 years.

I’ll bet ChiefScott’s got a job for you. Lotsa bennies. No smilies.
How about it, Chief. Any room for an established poet on the vessel of your’s?