I just got my business cards!

I’ve never had one with my name on it before! Woo woo!

Now I’m actually a person, with a job, and I can PROVE it!

I demand to see this proof, or not, whichever is more convenient for a busy person with a job such as yourself.

Congrats. Business cards are fun!


Give us the skinny. Any colored ink or paper? Fancy designs? Or just black ink on white card?
(Now you have to figure out who to give the 500 or so things to before your phone number, e-mail, address, or job title change making them obsolete.)

Heh. Everytime I get a new job (or we change offices or phone numbers or something), I get a box of 1000 business cards. The next time I get a new job (or we changes offices or phone numbers or something), I throw away a box of 990 unused business cards.

Business cards can be quite an ego-boost. I remember the first business card I ever had. It identified me as a caseworker for the welfare department. If my client wasn’t around when I came by, I left a card. I was fresh out of college and was obsessively proud to have these cards, even though I doubt that most people would have been impressed.

My late father, who never held a job in his life, had a stash of expensive, engraved business cards with his name and phone number and the word “Consultant.”

This gives me a plan!

Actually, I would like to get some cards one day, but “professional student” isn’t the best way to print them.


I got a box of business cards this year when I was instated as officer of my university marching band. I was so excited.
Then I realized that I was the band librarian. No one needs my business card. :frowning:

Well, I’m glad you asked! Let me just pull one from my stack … ::dramatically pulls out flashy new business card::

You’re making me feel like I’m in American Psycho.

Recycled cardstock, green printing, fancy logo on the left, all my info on the right … critically, everything is spelled correctly and I didn’t even check it over myself (now THAT is a first! They never even get my name right on office phone lists!) … now all I need is to find people (other than my family and friends) to give them to.

I was actually asked for a business card on my first day of work here … and haven’t been, since.

Since my job is mostly online social media stuff I can’t imagine getting much use out of these dinosaur relics of ancient business practices … oh well, they’re still cool.

Anyone want one? ::hands out cards:: okay, there’s six gone. I’m sure there are enough Dopers around to take care of at least half the stack.

The job I’m in currently was the first position where the department ordered me business cards. I was thrilled. I always wanted a business card. I had made my own at home, just for fun (I do some writing, so I pretended I had a reason for them). But this was official!

I have to say, I’m still quite pleased to have them. I’m a person. With a job. I am very busy and important. Here’s my card. Call me.

Business cards are like arrows… they onlyt work if you target them…
I used to work for a printer… he made his livingf off of business cards.

The richest guys in town would order 250 a yr.

The struggling business guys would order 5000 a yr…

Its not how many you give out… its WHO you give them to.

aditional note - the rich guys ordered cards that cost about 5 cents each… the struggling business guys ordered cards that cost 12 cents each… guess which guys helped pay my salary?


Don’t be silly. Everyone knows that the true use for business cards is to put in the “Drop your business card in the jar to win a free coffee/sandwich/lunch/dinner” jars.

I know how you feel. When I first got my job at the paper they told me to order business cards through our design department. :dubious: I was the lowly newsroom clerk, why would I need business cards?

They turned out to be real handy at proving that I am, indeed, with the press. I just got new cards about a month ago when I got married with my new name on it, and a new title! It now says “technology columnist” rather than just “editorial assistant.”

Business cards rock.


My first business was doing color business cards in 1997, good color inkjet printers were still pretty pricey.

One of my friends referred to me as the only person he knew with a collectable series of business cards. I would make like 200 at a time and make something different every time.

I am kinda similar today. Even though my business is not in cards, I do my own and make different ones every so often.

You remind me I need to get some more made up.

At my current job, anyone who wants them can order business cards. I did order some when I first got here, but found I really have no need for them. Any dealings with external contacts is almost always by phone, email, and IM, so there’s no need to enclose a business card physical mail, and I don’t travel so there’s no need to give them out.

A quick trip to Japan will take care of any extra business cards you might have. I usually go through about ten or fifteen a week, with the occasional 20 or 30 card splurge at the kick-off meeting for a big project. I have travelled halfway across Tokyo for a meeting that literally consisted of nothing more than exhanging 名刺 (meishi - business cards, or “name cards” as Japanese often call them in English) and introductions.