I just had a root canal!

Didn’t feel a thing. My dentist rules. :smiley:

I do think the dentist and his [very cute] assistant were having a contest to see how much junk they could fit in my mouth though.

And that tooth will never, ever hurt again!

Not so fast. Hopefully you’re lucky and it’s pain free from here forward. But I’ve had more than a handful of root canals and those puppies can flare up 2-5 days after the fact. They hurt like a muther but eventually the pain goes away, even weeks later.

Hrmm. Well, I’ve survived the pain this long. Hopefully a flare up would be tolerable. At least it wouldn’t be activated by anything a couple degrees off from body temperature.

I had one a couple of years ago. Everything I thought I knew about them had me shivering in my boots. It turned out to be one of the most pleasant* (yes!) dental experiences I ever had. And no flare ups.

  • Because usually it’s a cleaning, and that involves all kinds of scraping and poking with those gawdawful hook thingies…

Hate to burst your bubble, but 5% of root canals fail (I have one in my mouth at the moment that hurts when I eat anything a couple of degrees off body temperature :slight_smile: ). The pain is tolerable at the moment, so I’m probably not going to have it pulled right away, but it will probably have to go someday. I had mine done under sedation, and there was still enough pain for me to remember it (even though you aren’t supposed to remember anything under sedation). I paid $3500 to have a very sensitive tooth turned into - a very sensitive tooth. Modern dentistry still has a long way to go.