I Just Had A Visit From The State Police

I was busily getting some stuff done around the house before work when the doorbell rang. I answered it, and there were two very official-looking men in suits, flashing their detective credentials. Bwuh?

Apparently, there had been an arrest of a mid-level drug dealer in a neighboring town, and in order to cut himself a deal, he decided to name names and give locations of drug manufacturing labs.

Trouble is, the guy proved himself as “full of shit” when he gave them my address.

I invited the detectives in, apologized for the messiness of the house (I’ve been fighting the flu for a couple of days now, so I’ve been slacking), but told them they were welcome to look around and that they could feel free to bust up any drug manufacturing operations that they came across.

After poking their heads into each room, they showed me pictures of the guy and asked if I recalled ever seeing him before. I almost laughed at the picture, because he looked exactly like someone trying out for the role of “Scary Black Guy” in a movie. But no, never seen him before, didn’t recognize the name, no idea about anything you’re asking me.

I let them know that the (deceased) son of the lady next door was a dealer, and that it’s pretty common knowledge in the neighborhood that the guy who runs the corner store also sells some products that he doesn’t keep on the shelves, but other than that, sorry, can’t help ya.

They thanked me, noted that it kind of seemed like they guy just picked an address out of thin air, but that of course they had had to follow up on it. I let them know that it was no trouble at all, but I can’t help but wonder – what the hell was this guy thinking? “Yeah, here’s an address for a meth lab. I can leave now, right?”


Hopefully they weren’t crooks trying the old dodge of one distracting you while the other nicks stuff. :eek:

I gotta wonder if he wasn’t sitting back at their place chained to a chair while they went to check.

If so, I wouldn’t want to be him when they get back.

He knew who you are, he was planning on going on the lam.

Except if he’s a friend of Hal’s, he’s probably more likely to go on the lamb. :smiley:

Aww! That’s sweet! How are they? [/Satchel]

Hummm, maybe they’re trying to track down your elephant too…

Hal, it’s obvious why you got investigated. They heard that you are a Doper.

Hal- you realize that if you ever wanted to have a meth lab at your home, now would be the perfect time to start setting it up, right?:smiley:

Uhm, maybe next time you might not want to let people who claim to be the police into your home without a warrant.

Some reasons:

  1. They might not be the police.

  2. There is always the slight chance they might not be good people, even if they are cops and might harass you you for something amiss on your home. Or they might just have to do their job. Do you have kids? What if one of them had a stash of weed in his room? Had company over lately, a party? What if something was left behind? There’s just too many little possibilities that might not be very probable on their own, but taken together, and considering the reprecussions…

Personally I would have politely told them I’m not a drug dealer, I don’t know the guy. If they wanted to know anything else they can talk to my lawyer.

I agree, although I would not issue the polite denial, rather I would “lawyer up” right off the bat. And I have a few buddies who are cops, so it is not that I am anti-LEO.

Thirded - “get back to me when you get that warrant, thanks and bye”.

Hopefully you didn’t have a lot of Sudafed lying around…


Yeah - or maybe more than a couple of ounces of shampoo, and they might think you were planning on taking down a plane.

I would have welcomed cops into my home far more freely a couple of decades ago, before the (IMO) horrendous extensions of what is deemed consent, permissable searches, forfeiture laws, etc.

For the sake of wit, the next reason should simply be:

  1. They might be the police.


If they are, then that would be a good time to get your old Synchronicity album autographed.

OK - THAT’S funny

That must be one hell of a hiding place you have. I could never cook the stuff at home because the police always look in the basement and under my bed. Damn them.

So do you live at 123 Fake Street? :smiley:

I thought it was 420 High St…