I just had a weird TV murder scare

Just a few minutes ago I was watching a History Channel program called Perfect Crimes.

There was a story about a particularly grisly murder a few years ago by a guy named Peter Kupaza. As the narrator talked about Kupaza’s arrest, on screen was a picture of MY apartment complex. EEEwww, he dismembered the woman and scattered bits of her around central Wisconsin. What if he used to be in MY apartment.

A little Googling showed me that he lived miles away and there was no apparent connection between him and my home. In fact the murder most likely occurred in Middleton, a neighboring town.

Bastards! Just dump in some stock footage and creep out your viewers, why don’t cha?

A pretty lame rant, but I’m not noted for quality ranting.

Are you sure it was your complex and not another one built on the same style?

No question. Part of my complex has a number of storefronts, so I could not only see the buildings, I could tell which stores are there.

Didn’t Jeffrey Dahmer live in Madison for awhile?

Hope that refrigerator didn’t come with the apartment, Jim. :smiley:

I was sure that the OP was going to be from someone named Sarah Conner.

One of my good friends in high school lived in the Son of Sam’s apartment building. No, we never went to her house. Eeee-ek!


I got a bit freaked out a few years ago when the “Angel of Death” story came on the news. Some intern (or nurse, attendant, I forget) at the Glendale Adventist Hospital (a suburb of L.A.) was killing off patients. He targeted (if memory serves) patients that he deemed “on their way out” anyway. This was big news and was nationally covered for a while.

I forget the timeframe of his killings (he killed covertly for years before finally getting caught), but my dad’s death was at about the same time. He died at that hospital; he was in bad shape when he came in. For a few hours after the story broke (before I heard the specifics of the timeframe of the killings) I worried that this guy maybe had “helped” my dad along. But then again, I suppose my fears were groundless—they’d have contacted us if my dad was a victim. (But then again, how do we know that all the victims were identified?) Never mind, the guy was not there killing when my dad was there. It was just really creepy for a while there, wondering about that.

My girlfriend used to live in a building where the Boston Strangler killed someone. She doesn’t know if it was the same unit. She doesn’t want to know.

I lived 4 blocks from Jeffrey Dahmer, while he was doing his murder/cannablism thing. Watching the local news when the story broke was just creepy.

Well, there’s one way you could find out…

Statistically, if you live in Wisconsin, you live within 4 blocks of a serial killer. 2 if you live in Milwaukee.

darn it, I can’t find a cite

Well haven’t really seen anything about my apartment building on the news… but one of my good friend’s had the building next door (same complex) on the news. They found a meth making operation there. We were watching the news when it came on and I looked at my roomie (who also knows this friend) and ask him if I was seeing right.

They panned across the whole complex too. It was weird.

Was this recently, Obsidian Flutterby? And where? They found a meth lab in the building next door to me last year.

Considering I’ve only known this guy like a year… yes it was the past year. I think… late spring/early summer maybe.

Reminds me of how I found out that Gran’s next door neigbour is a big time Drug Dealer on the run from the police in the UK (she lives in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus). I didn’t realize until I saw her house pictured on a BBC documentary about criminals on the run from the British police.

Madison seems to have been the setting for a string of unsolved murders in the past:


Back when I lived in Las Vegas, I got used to seeing my apartment complex in the news. In one year, there were:
8 meth labs
2 illegal brothels
1 group of “satanists” (arrested for killing small animals in their apartment
1 suicide
1 attempted murder
1 murder (and the guy lived with the body for two weeks)
The strange thing was that it was a pretty pricey gated complex in a quiet area. I should have known there was something wrong when they let somebody like me move in. On the plus side; after that, your neighbor playing his stereo too loud isn’t that big a deal

A couple years ago I lived down the street from the Lungren Barn Murders, and for some INSANE reason a documentery on A&E about it showed my complex several times.

Also my cousin “borrowed” my apartment for a couple weeks when I was out of state and was using it as a Meth lab. Fortunatly, he wasn’t caught which is surprising because the police station is right next door, within 500 feet of my old apartment.

Egads! I have a class in Sterling Hall!

I don’t even want to know what would possess someone to open an illegal brothel in fucking Nevada.