I just had an "Ah-HA!" moment!

[symbol]I don’t know which forum is most appropriate for this, but I figure most of us wander in here, so this’ll do. I ask the Mods to move this to where it will do the most good, if MPSIMS isn’t the right place for it.[/symbol]

I have noticed a lot of posts wherein someone quotes someone else, and then says “emphasis added” or “emphasis mine” (or some similar turn of phrase). Most of the time, the emphasis is invisible.

Sometimes it looks like this:

I have finally figured out one way to make emphasis visible in the case of the first example. Observe:

So I guess we’re stuck with no-name quotes, or underlining (or coloring) for emphasis with named quotes.

Does this make sense? I am in such a habit of using bolding for emphasis that it may take some time to retrain myself to use this format (I did manage to figure out the underline thing a while back, but I forgot about it until just now.)


For me, quotes show up in italics, so emphasizing with bold works fine. I thought that’s how it was for everyone. Right? The added emphasis is visible in all your examples, at least on my screen.

I see the emphasis in all three of your examples… what am I missing? (The words look and some are bolded in the first two and then underlined and red in the final example)

Can I ask why you put the instructions to Mods in symbol format. We can still read it.

I agree…I’m missing the epiphany…although I certainly admire your emphasis!

You mean, you got sucked into a comic book and became all animated-looking and met a girl and found yourself in a motorcycle race and got whomped on by the bad guys but still managed to escape with the girl back into the real world? Neat.

I don’t know what’s left to say.

[George Costanza]

But seriously, no one knows what you’re talking about.

Apparently my browser does not “see” emphasis in the italicized quotes. I’m using Mozilla 1.6. Does anyone else have this problem? Apparently not.

The note to the mods was done on “symbol” simply to set it off from the rest.


So, er… often use non-Latin fonts for this kind of distinction? :wink:

Was I the only one opening the thread with the hopes that SSgtBaloo had fallen in love with a girl in a black and white comic book, only to be sucked into the action and menaced by men with big wrenches, only to have an “Altered States” type bounce back and forth in a hallway moment to be returned to reality with his cartoon girl now made flesh awaiting him on the other side?

You know, i swear to GOD I didn’t see the earlier person making the exact same joke as me.

Man a lame joke ruined by looking like i copied it :slight_smile:

[Ex Classics Geek]
Eta ([symbol]h[/symbol]) is not a replacement for H. For TH you want Theta ([symbol]q[/symbol])
[/Ex Classics Geek]

Alas, I tried translating your text into Attic Greek and didn’t like the result. ([symbol]te ouk oida thn agora thn aristhn, kai oida oi polloi legein … [/symbol]). I’ve forgotten too much (sigh).

Last night, when I was looking at this I was apparently also in Mozilla 1.6 browser (sometimes I use that, sometimes Explorer. No one is sure why). The opening is not in Greek if you use Mozilla, just a more Courier(?) type font. In Explorer it’s in Greek characters. But the highlighting is fine on both of mine. So I think that it’s not your browser, or more accurately, not just your browser. Maybe it’s also your operating system or installed fonts?

Or maybe your screen resolution?

You tried to get Cecil to welcome you?

Yeah, but did he take on anyone?

Did anyone take him on?

At least it wasn’t the CAPS LOCK…

I remember having an “aha” moment.

It’t that moment when you look upon on of his posts and spurt whatever fluids you are imbibing all over your desk (from laughter usually).

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