I just left my school

Where should I start? I guess I should start from the beginning. Jester could fill in any details about our school, so ask him to fill them in.

I guess it all started freshman year when public school quite frankly wasn’t working out for me. It’s a really rural area that I live in with a whole lot of white trash and rednecks. Socially, I wasn’t doing so great. I had few friends. I didn’t fit in, it felt like. I even got attacked in the alley behind Burger King once. My parents started looking into alternative schooling. Of course, since we live in the middle of nowhere, this of course meant a boarding school. A family friend recommended to us the school that he sent his son to. So we checked it out. The first night I toured there, I was welcomed by the guys in the dorm, especially after I taugth them how to properly tie up freshmen with duct tape. They weren’t twisting tight enough. Tsk-tsk…

Anyway, around that time I met Jester throught the cross country team (SUDA![team cheer]). I stayed on for all of about two weeks. This reflects most of my motivation there, too. I had a rough start at this new school. After a few months of having my grades not up to the school’s standards, they put me on probation. I’d been on that for a year and half up til now. Last week, my parents called up the faculty. They were told that most likely, he faculty would decide to dismiss (read: kick my slacker ass out onto the street) me on March 11. I’d been warned many times before that if I didn’t get my grades up, I’d get kicked out.

After some discussion, my parents and I decided that if I withdrew, it would be on my records that I left for personal reasons. If I waited another two weeks to be dismissed, it would be on my records that they kicked my slacker ass out onto the street. I moved out on Friday afternoon. It was pretty sad. I’d made a lot of friendships there. I stil have dozens of people to call that have no idea where I am. Today I toured a small Quaker school in rural Ohio. And, no, it’s not Amish kinda Quaker. More Unitarian kind of Quaker, which is something I like, considering I’ve been an active YRUU (Young Religious Unitarian Universalist) since I was about thirteen. It’s a nice place, only about fifty kids. Not as obsessed about getting kids into the Ivies as my last school was. More concerned about spirituality and social values. If everything works out, I might be going there as soon as April. If not, I’ll be finishing this year in my old POS public school, which isn’t bad now that my girlfriend is there, too.

Whatever happens, wish me luck. I’ll keep yinz posted! Again, ask Jester for any details about our prep school (esp. the origins of SUDA).

Good luck with your new school! (And I wish your forbearance on your old school.)

I’ve done the academically-obsessed private school route (although it wasn’t a boarding school, and I highly reccommend it – it’s an excellent school), and the scary, intolerant public school route, so I know what you’ve been through. (Well, parts, at least.)

I hope all works out for you wherever you go next.

Now wait a second, I still go there. Any bad wishes on this school should please be carried out after I graduate. :wink:

Spinnie, what can I say? That just royally sucks, man. Keep in touch, and know that we’re all gonna miss you, big-time like. Best of luck in all that you do, and one last SUDA! For the road.


Well, I just registered back at my old public school. I was surprised how many people I saw that still remembered me. My new classes start tomorrow. Also, I’m going to fill out the app for the Quaker school.