I just made my first batch ever of steel cut oats

I will never go back to instant oatmeal. This stuff is delicious. I bought some a Trader Joe’s once that was frozen and all you had to do was heat it up. They were great, but I thought it could be better if I made it myself. I went to Whole Foods today and got some bulk steel cut oats and got busy with Alton Brown’s stove-top recipe. Oh. My. God. I’ll be eating this for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to make a batch on Sunday morning for my boyfriend.

Right now, I’m eating it with brown sugar. I don’t really like raisins, but can you guys give me some mix-in suggestions?

Yeah, different animal entirely. Try browning it in unsalted butter before adding the boiling water. Makes it taste nutty. Suh. Blyme.

dollop of plain vanilla yoghurt and about the same amount of applesauce:
dried cranberries and toasted almonds:
those candied pecans you get to put on salads. a friend of mine is nuts and adds bacon crumbles too:
chopped bananas:
your favorite trail mix

Bacon on the side. Can’t be beat.

If you lived closer, I’d happily give you mine. I tried them and … meh. I like Old Fashioned Quaker Oats (rolled). Not instant, not steel cut. The SC are too grainy for me–and they take forever to cook. They don’t have more fiber than rolled oats and I can microwave the rolled ones.

so, glad you like them, but I’m looking to get rid of mine (know of any recipes like cookies that would use them?).

You eat your oats cut? :eek:

Oat Groats are where it’s at! :cool:

Yep, that’s how Alton does it, so that’s how I will do it too. :slight_smile:

Screw the side. Bacon crumbled up right in 'em works just fine.

Ah! Stealer! He took that from Cook’s Illustrated, which is where I stole it from too . . .

I hate oatmeal (yes, even steel-cut), but it becomes almost passable if I eat it with lingonberry preserves. The acid help cut the oatmeal slime.

I suppose you could also use cranberry relish.

If I were consumed with morbid curiosity, I’d almost be tempted to try it with a tomatillo salsa.

I will try this this weekend. I usually put chopped walnuts and mini semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips in mine.

I make these most weekends. Generally I cook 'em for about 15 minutes, then add a handful of raisins and a splash of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg and salt, then cook it for another 5 minutes until the raisins are plump. Serve with brown sugar and a pat of butter. It’s like a breakfast pudding. Really really good.


Hmmm. Have tomatillos and pin heads ( three on the shoulders alone!)
Morbid? Why, that’s somewhat insulting, it is.

They are good the next day too! Wow, I can make a batch and it will last almost a week. I’m in oatmeal heaven I tells ya.

After reading a previous thread a few months ago i thought I’d give the Irish Oatmeal a try. i’m glad I did! yummy!

I would make enough to feed the kids a hot breakfast before school for the week - using local honey, cinnamon & sugar, a little tad of butter and substitute 1c of milk in replace of the water. I found it better to make before going to bed for the night, covering it & letting it stand until morning. reheat & ready to eat! Fridge the rest, scoop another helping the next day and heat in the microwave… be careful though, they like to bubble over and make a mess if you dont pay attention to what you’re doing.

I have also tried it with a little peanut butter & dollop of strawberry preserves.

Damnit. now I’m hungry!

Now that it is colder out, I make a pot of steel cut oats every morning for myself.

I like to mix in cinnamon, brown sugar and raisins or cut up apples and just a little bit brown sugar.

The recipes are very different at least a different as you can get for making mush. Alton calls for a little butter milk cooks illustrated has only milk. Alton adds the milk about 2/3 of the way through.

I am looking at the march 2000 recipe from cooks illustrated.

I just tried steel cut oats for the first time this week. I made mine in the slow cooker overnight and it’s just awesome. I’ve always hated oatmeal, but I read other threads on steel cut oats and just had to try it.

So far, I’ve just had it with maple syrup. It’s awesome reheated, which I had this morning. I’ll have to try toasting the oats, that sounds great.