I just need to get some things off my mind.

So here I am, a senior in high school. I don’t go to my high school, because I am at a local college, taking classes that count towards high school and college credits. Its a good program, but it has its downsides. I never get to see my friends anymore, and the ones I do, are becoming complete strangers because my visits with them are so infrequent. They carry on different lives than I do. Its really depressing. My father is always out of town on business trips, and my mom commutes to a college in columbus, so I am basically alone. No romantic interests whatsoever.

Everything is just so BLAH! I really haven’t met anyone at the college (where I am taking 15 credit hours) that is worth developing a friendship with. Maybe I should just be a hermit. Not to mention that I have a nice little SSRI dependency, so that really doesn’t help much.

I am one of those really crazy moral wackos, so I can’t do anything like that to help. (For instance, I have never had alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or anything like that, and I have never had any intimate relationships with anyone).

Maybe I need to loosen up. Ugh.

There will be days like this… blah. Hopefully not many. Widen your circle of associates and look for people that have common interests. Reach out to friends and family. Those old friends that have different lives than you may be wishing they could hear from you. Make the effort. Break off a phone call just to say hello and find out what is going on. Invite someone over for pizza and a movie… or go out to the movie and then hit Starbucks. A fun time is out there waiting for you.


What do you like to do for kicks?

Don’t worry about the Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Join a club at college. Examine your interests. If there’s not already a club for those interests, start one.

What do I like to do for kicks? Heck, anything solitary. I like to mess with and work on computers, as well as my car. I don’t have much money to do either. When it comes to going out with other friends, no one can ever find the time. I have definitely tried to reach out, but to no avail. I don’t mean to be an eeyore, but things just aren’t all that great right about now…

Stccrd this is temporary. Concentrate on school, maybe develop an interest in politics. Friends will come, but education is the most important.

(Jeez, I sound just like a mother. Make sure you brush your teeth before you go to bed, and lock the door when you leave.)

Well, if it makes you feel any better, there are tons of people that hang out with crowds of people, but they are still alone because they are sooooooo self-absorbed.

Sorry you are having such a hard time right now. Cars can be fun to “mess” with but I can see how that could be kind of expensive. Have you thought about finding some type of part- time job? That would give you some cash in your pocket and maybe you could meet some new and interesting folks. Hey, what about a job that had to do with cars or computers?

I guess your classes keep you pretty busy. Are you planning to go to college next fall? You know… full time?

Dude, do what you like, and like what you do. Eventually, things’ll come your way. Hang tough.

My plans are as follows:

I will be heading to school full time away from home, for a summer term. Then i will be returning home for the autumn and winter to earn money. I am a member of the LDS church, and I will be serving a full time two year mission at that point. I would love to get a job with cars or computers, but I have to have either a certain amount of experience or an age requirement ( I am 17)…

Just got to wait around i guess…

As for your friends in high school, after they graduate you will lose contact with them anyway. There are periods in just about everyone’s lives when it seems like you’ve lost a lot and gained very little, but that will change. Actually, when you go to college you will be ahead of the true freshmen, since they will be getting used to some of what you are experiencing now.

:slight_smile: [sup]Good luck[/sup]

Get some spandex and a steel cup and fight crime.

I don’t know what kind of college you go to, but I know this: if it’s a community college or a small local college, the problem isn’t you. These “commuter colleges” are kind of like High School Part 2, in which, since the students don’t really live on campus, they don’t form many relationships there. They go there, go to class, and then go home. Their friends are at home, not at the college. I encountered this at the University of New Orleans and at a community college I went to later for a second degree.

If it’s not one of these colleges, then the problem is just that you do commute. The relationships formed in college are often (not always, but often) not formed in class, but elsewhere - dorms, clubs (as in - groups of people, not as in bars), and so forth.

So what I’m saying is, eventually you’ll get out of high school and be in college proper, where you’re living on campus and having the whole experience, not just a small slice of it. And there, even an antisocial geek like myself made many long-lasting friendships. So don’t panic. Just get through this bit and things should improve at the next bit.

It’s not your life, it’s everyone’s life. Right after high school, you go through a period where all of a sudden you don’t have the social opportunities that something like high school gives you. Colleges and universities are so large that it’s much more difficult to meet people. That’s where dorms come into play; they offer a built-in social life that most people right out of high school need.

Thanks for all your responses everyone! It does help to know that I am not alone…there are 6 billion more. Hehe.

Keep hanging in there. Once you leave permanently for college, you’ll end up leaving most of your high school friends behind anyway. I suggest going to LDS Institute if it is available in your area. It can help you meet people and get involved in some activities.

I have found that volunteering is a great way to deal with isolation. Even if you don’t find like-minded people to hang out with, you’re doing something good – feeding the homeless, teaching someone to read…