I just paid $21 for boxer shorts

City Boxers claims to have “boxers made from the best material money can buy.” All I know is, they had better be good for twenty bucks a pair.

But a man has to indulge himself every once in a while, y’know? It’s like a big, bloody steak or a mechanical watch.


Have you heard rave reviews from friends, or are you hoping they live up to their advertising?

Good luck with them, and let us know how they are…

What do you want…a cookie?

Yes, please. I’ll take macadamia and white chocolate chips.

Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share, eh? :rolleyes:

Dude, for $20, buy Under Armour. They prevent swamp-ass.

I didn’t pay as much for mine, but do yours have Winnie the Pooh on them? Huh? Huh?

Zoe, you already know you’re my hero, right?

John Carter of Mars, some days it really pays to do a vanity search! This was one of them. :smiley: