I just quit a job after one shift.

I have been perusing a second weekend job as a fishmonger. Well, Saturday was my first day and, as it turns out, my last. The good news is that I landed a different weekend job in a nice little café.

But, you probably want to hear about what went wrong. Basically, after doing this for a day I could tell that I would pretty much wreck my body and possibly loose a finger or two. I have incredible newfound respect for folks that can do that kind of work. I knew that something fishy (pun intended) was up when every single person that I met made sure to point out the first aid station (and it was not one of those crappy little boxes that you see on the wall either,
it was a full blow work station).

The biggest problem was the knife work. As a chef type person, I have very ingrained muscle-memory when it comes to knives. I expect them to be a specific shape, and to behave a specific way. The knifes and the way that they are used when it comes to fish cutting are so radically different that I could tell that it was not a question of if I would make a horrible mistake, but when.

Couple that with the fact that the work itself is just vile, and I pretty much had to quit.

I did handle the quitting part as gracefully as I could, but I still feel a bit like a failure and a dick.

Don’t feel bad, dude. You’d be suprised how many people have had 1-shift jobs. A place like that’s probably way used to it.
If it happened more than a couple times I’d worry. An extremely sucky job like that, it’s understandable.
Good luck with the other job.

Knife goes in, guts come out. Knife goes in, guts come out. Knife goes in, guts come out.

You were a fishmonger? Were your father and mother before?

No big. I’ve quit a job in less than a shift before. Coincidentally I knew and detested someone else who worked there and I knew it would come to grief if we both stayed.

Out of curiousity, how much did it pay, and what exactly were the duties?

Codeine’s still engaged? :wink:

As to the OP - well, you gave it your best shot, didn’t care for it, and quit gracefully before anyone got injured. That’s probably the best outcome. I’m sure the fishmonger’s used to one-day employees. I’ll bet they’ve had people show up and within 15 minutes flee the building, unable to look at, let alone eat fish for several months.

They didn’t want to know if you had the skill? Did you get hired and just jump right into it? Man, those fishermen must need some workers! Considering the work situation, I would have thought they would have tested you out on a few fish first.

Well, good luck on the next job.

I put in two days at one job before bailing, so that almost counts, especially since on the second day we only worked a half shift. It was a construction job that I took out of desperation, working as a general laborer. In spite of what I had been told by a guy who recommended I take the job (we both needed to bail out of our former jobs, the details of which I won’t go into here), the construction job was not the “cakewalk” he claimed it was. I knew it wouldn’t exactly be cushy, but I was not prepared for having to do work around so much dust, dirt, mud and noise. There were also lots of electrical and falling hazards that I didn’t want to be around. I knew this job would age me 20 years in less than a week if I stuck with it for any longer, so after the second night I decided not to ever go back again, except to pick up my check. One other reason I quit this job was because of the hours when I was to work (I thought I’d be on the daytime shift like my former co-worker was on, but I got placed on the swing shift). I’d be working 10-hour shifts 6 nights a week (4PM to 2AM). I realized I’d hardly ever see my family or friends working such hours. I never once regretted leaving this job.

Wow. The fastest I’ve ever quit a job was after almost a month.

'Course, it was hardly dangerous work, so I suppose you gotta do what you gotta do.

I quit a job painting water towers at lunch time of my first day. Up until then, I’d no idea I was scared of heights.

Dude, I quit a job after 4 hours. The boss creeped me out somethin’ awful. And the work was strictly Satan’s.

I’ve quite two jobs in under a month. Well, two that I can think of. I was almost certain there were more.

The first one was a telemarketing gig. I was a student at the time and they were advertising some pretty good pay in the university’s paper. I tried it out that night and I couldn’t stand it. Calling people up and blatantly lying to people like that. I hated it. I secretly hoped each person I called would see through the crap and not go for it. I completed the shift, but I never went back.

The second really crappy job I had was working at Hooters. Yeah, yeah, I know… but that job freakin sucked!! I worked there like a month in high school before I was totally sick of it.

My shortest time in a job was three days. I left for two reasons: between the interview and me taking to job the company relocated making my commute 4 hours each way. They told me the day before I started (thanks guys!).

When I turned up they had 1 computer for every 4 programmers and the company had about 200 people. Trying to get coding done while defending a machine from all comers wasn’t fun. You couldn’t leave a machine for a second before it was taken. Inter-office laptop rugby was the standard working environment. After three days, we were informed they’d ordered more PCs - to arrive in 8 months time.

At that point I quit.

The fastest I’ve left a job was three days, second place to that was 8 months.

The 3 day place cut my hours in half and told me I should be glad because I didn’t lose more than 10 hours like several other employees (though the management didn’t seem to understand I didn’t work 40 hours a week so 10 hours is A LOT).

They had a lot of turnover…

Well, the job itself was combination customer service and fish stuff. Basically, you spend the first several hours before the store opens cutting up all of these different fish for the display case. Then as the day goes on, you either cut specific bits for the customer or whole (sometimes live) fish if they ask (to say nothing of the crabs, octopus and so forth).

Basically, as I have a strong customer service background (Tech Support) and a strong restaurant background (Chef) we all assumed that the skills would translate.

I sort of quit a job before I even got hired. One summer between semesters in college, I had gone out to the resort area (Big Boulder/Jack Frost ski areas in the Poconos) not far from my house and filled out applications at all of the nicer restaurants.

One of the places called me back about a week after I’d turned in my application and left me a message on my answering machine saying I was hired and could I come in and work my first shift the following day. Keep in mind that I had not been interviewed, and the extent of my contact with anyone at the restaurant was to ask the hostess on duty for an application, which I filled out, handed back to her and then left.

I figured that anyone who would hire me sight unseen and want me to come into work with no training, meeting staff, etc. would be a nightmare to work at…so I just declined to call them back. Yikes.

Put me down as another who quit in less than four hours. I applied for a secretarial position and was hired. When I reported, they started training me for telemarketing, cold calls. I pointed out I was hired for a secretarial position, they indicated that the telemarketing paid more and asked me to just try it. I read through the script, made two calls, gathered up my purse and departed.

I quit after one shift too.

It was a supervisor’s job at a peach packing plant. I’d never worked in something like that before. It was hot, steamy, on your feet all day, and most of the people I was going to supervise didn’t speak the same language.

When I got home after the first night, I found out I was pregnant, and also had a job offer for what eventually became my career. So quitting was kind of a no-brainer. I couldn’t have stood up in that heat all day with morning sickness!

I quit delivering for Dominoes Pizza after 1 shift. Not that it was so bad, but I got a better job the next day.

I quit a job in about two hours. It was a dishwashing position at a steakhouse. I’d went in, washed dishes for two hours, and then my boss told me to go home and come back tomorrow. Mmkay. If you wanted a temp, you shoulda called the temp agency in town (who I was working for anyway). I had applied for full-time, ferchrissakes! I did not return.