I just resigned from my job...


Let’s get this straight. I love my (former) job. As frustrating and time-consuming as it was, I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. That changed today.

My supervisor called me this morning and left me a message to meet with him this afternoon. We had talked about the possibility of my not returning next year (it’s a university job, it goes with the school year), but no conclusions had been reached. I just haven’t been able to secure tuition for next year. My loans were declined, but that’s a whole different story. I went in to talk with him this afternoon, and his official recommendation was that I resign as quickly as possible to avoid complications in the (possibly near) future. My letter was in his hands an hour later.

That’s probably the third hardest thing I’ve ever done. It will be tied for that position with the letter I’m about to write to my coworkers explaining what happened. The nature of my job is such that I’m friends with the people I work closely with – we couldn’t get the job done and keep our sanity otherwise.

In other greatness, this job is tied to my place of residence. No job, no place to live. I have until Monday to move out, for all practical purposes (I do have until next Friday if I need it, but given personal circumstances it isn’t reasonable that I stay that long).

So, um… thanks for listening, and wish me luck, I guess. Colorado is at an 8-year high for unemployment…

How’s that for a 100th post?


Wish I could say more.

Good luck job/house hunting.


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That sux. :frowning:

I concur on the suckosity factor… I know the feeling of not being able to continue with college because of student loans getting turned down. Thankfully, I didn’t want to go to college this year, but I haven’t fixed my credit at all and kind of do want to go back next year.

I hope you find a solution, and a place to live, and a job, and stuff…