I just saw 80's Guy!

So there I was, sitting in Baja Fresh, chowing down on a Steak Burrito, when in walks 80’s Guy! Jeans, Jean Jacket, Feathered Hair, unlaced Timberland Boots, the works. I thought “…holy shit, it’s Andy Gibb” and nearly choked on my burrito. No kidding, if it was Tuesday, I would have thought the guys was dressed up for Halloween.

There’s a woman at my gym I call “80’s Lady.” She’s probably late 30’s and still dresses and does her hair like I remember from junior high. She’s kept her looks quite well, so it’s not that bad. And she doesn’t wear leg warmers or such. But she looks like she stepped right out of the board room in “Robocop.” Whenever she walks in to work out I start singing to myself, “Let’s get physical, physical…”

Bah. If I were to see one of these time travellers, I’d follow them around in hopes that they’d take me with them when they slipped back through the rift.

Amen. I actually* like * the way the women looked in “Robocop.” Especially the ones in business suits.

A couple of years back I used to see a guy likt this in Chicago.
Well, he might have even been 70s guy.
Platform shoes, plaid bell-bottoms, funky shades, and a bushy fro.
Always brought a smile to my face.

I find that hairstyles persist, especially big hair on women. Some older women still have 1960’s hair.

Myself, I regularly go around in jeans with knees worn out and a Guns & Roses t-shirt. In fact the holy jeans fashion trend keeps coming back and I’m always amused when people buy the expensive pre-made holy jeans.

Anyone else really looking forward to Totally Awesome on VH-1?

Then I’d tell myself to buy Microsoft stock and slip back.

There’s a woman at the place I work who is probably in her mid-to-late fifties and dresses like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance – frizzy permed hair, ripped sweatshirt top, spandex pants. I can’t figure out which is more ridiculous / pathetic – her dressing like someone from two decades ago, or her dressing like someone three decades younger!

I guess at some point people find their comfortable spot and stay there.

I miss my Members Only jacket.

My mid-life crisis rock band™ plays a bunch of songs from the 80’s - when we kick into songs like Melt With You or 867-5309/Jenny, folks go nuts.

What’s funny is that younger kids completely dig the music, too - granted we are in that standard, look-back-15-years-or-so phase where the 80’s are getting featured, but it does seem that there is a lasting attraction to solidly-written songs from back when most people got their music from fewer sources and therefore everybody heard much of the same stuff…

I still have mine. It doesn’t fit now, but it will by X-mas. :smiley:

When my grandfather died a couple years ago, my grandmother tried to give us some of his clothes. I felt bad not wanting anything, but I saw his vintage Members-Only jacked and grabbed it. It’s too small for me, though. Shame.

Too funny, as I read this I’m watching VH1’s “100 greatest songs of the '80’s.”