I just saw a guy try to run someone over!

I’ve never seen anything like this before, which is a good thing, but daaaamn…

I was driving home from work, coming down the cross street for my tract and getting ready to make a left turn into a small side street. Up ahead of me, some guy in a grayish green car move out of the right line and into the left; he was quite clearly pursuing a man who was on foot in the middle of the road. The driver actually caused the fellow to run up onto the sidewalk and try to scale a wall! Then the driver turned and took off going the wrong way down the left side of the road! I think he finally got back into the right lane, but by then I had to turn and couldn’t see the rest of the drama, nor could I see the license plate.
I actually drove out to the highway and back to the cross st. to see if I could spot the runner or the chaser, but couldn’t see either.

I don’t know the context here. Maybe the driver just really hates jaywalkers. I could understand that, given that I recently started a Pit thread on the subject, but come on! Or maybe they were teenagers playing with each other or the driver was going after a rival or something. Whatever it was, it was far from funny and was downright disturbing.

It was a new one on me. Have you folks out there seen anyone do this?

Not as big a threat to life and limb as you witnessed, but…

Way, way back, I was in a bar playing shuffleboard, and we all heard a big time collision just outside. Then another. So we all scrambled through the front door on that nice summer twilight to see two assholes dueling with their cars. Each maneuvered to get the better position for a charge, and wham again.

This kept up for a long minute or so. And just about when I was convinced something very bad would happen, there was an impact in which one of tne guy’s driver-side door fell off. He thought for a heart beat, and then went roaring away.

Then in Shelton CT the car in front of me swerved to the left lane and started to pass the one in front. The car being passed then deliberately lurched leftward and sideswiped the passer. I mean this was violent.!

We all stopped. Out of the passing car came this beautiful young woman. From the sideswiper, came a pouting young man, about the same age as the lady. I was furious and went right to the woman told that I had seen what happened and would testify in court that the guy crashed into her on purpose.

She was so calm, almost serene. “No, no, it’s all right. We’ll work it out.”

The light dawned. Jilted lover.

Got back in my car without another word and drove off.

Just one thing to say: