I just saw my great-great-uncle's name on TV

Really mundane and pointless, but I was just watching a documentary on the Pearl Harbor attack. There is was, engraved on the marble wall that lists those killed on that day: “T.L. KIRKPATRICK, CAPT.”

Captain Chaplain Kirkpatrick was my great-great-uncle.

That’s not mundane or pointless at all. Fascinating actually. Did you happen to record the program?

No, I didn’t record it. Anyway, I know where the name is. :wink:

I found a webpage on him a while ago.

It is amazing what one can find on the 'net, isn’t it? When my uncle died recently, I Googled the name of his tank unit(WWII) and found, amongst other things, a picture of a small, pyramid shaped monument to the exploits of his group in Europe. They were ashore less than 24 hours after the Normandy invasion began, and I think they were in Amsterdam later.