I just saw Old School

and it was really funny. You won’t find the meaning of life by watching, but you will be entertained. I could not get the unrated version because they didn’t have it in stock, so I had to settle for the rated. If someone has seen both, what’s the difference?

You rented from Blockbuster I take it?

As far as I know, the “Unrated” versions of some movies (mostly racy R-Rated comedies) we’ve been seeing of late are just the original theatrical version, deemed “Unrated” to differentiate it from the edited version Blockbuster insists upon before they’ll rent the movie in their chain.

On a sort-of related note, my brother rented The Hot Chick. Tried to watch it, turned it off after 20 minutes. What a depressingly stupid movie. (And this coming from someone who enjoyed Kung Pow.)

I didn’t rent it, I bought it at target. The unrated was sold out.

I saw Old School in the theater, and bought the “unrated” version yesterday. I watched it with some friends and laughed like an idiot (at least during the first 30 minutes).

Since I saw the original so long ago I can’t tell you what (if any) differences there are in the “unrated” version. I do know that the extras included on the DVD (deleted scenes, eg) were never rated by the MPAA, so at least they qualify as “unrated”.

This seems to be more of a marketing gimmick. Fellowship of the Ring Special Edition had over 30 minutes of additional footage added, yet it still carries a PG-13 rating.

In the case of Old School I think the distributor is hoping that people will think “unrated” means “more nudity than R-rated”, when it actually means they didn’t bother to run the extra scenes by the MPAA.

Anyone have the “rated” version? Does it have deleted scenes available?

And does Blockbuster really get an edited version of the movie? If they do, don’t they have to put some sort of disclaimer on the box? “We have determined what your sensibilities should be…even though you insist on renting this movie, we will not allow you to be influenced by the REALLY bad parts…Enjoy your movie.”

Blockbuster is known to rent edited versions of certain movies (As the biggest rental chain in America and possibly the world, they can pretty much dictate the terms studios must meet to get their movies on the shelves.) and as far as I know, they don’t have to tell people the movie they are renting has been edited.

Fibber I know that Wal-Mart has enormous pricing power and can force producers to sell their product at a lower price than they’d like. They also won’t even carry products (movies, CDs, games or magazines) that they don’t like. Fine.

But actually editing movies is a big deal. Broadcast networks editing out profanity and nudity is one thing - I can watch the movie for free. But to PAY to watch a movie, only to have it edited by Blockbuster censors? No way.

I searched the SDMB and couldn’t find a thread on this. Maybe someone with better search skills than me could find out if this has already been hashed out?

First off, from what I’ve heard Blockbuster has nothing to do with the editing of films, it’s just that they won’t rent certain films unless the studio provides edited versions.

Anyway, save for genuine instances involving NC-17 and unrated movies which Blockbuster refused to carry in unedited form, the whole thing about Blockbuster editing movies is most likely just an urban legend, which means I’m guilty of perpetuating misinformation.

hangs head in shame

At any rate I’ve never rented anything from Blockbuster, I just know what I’ve heard. The recent trend of releasing “unrated” DVDs of certain films, like American Pie and Old School, likely fueled the fire though, with some people noticing that Blockbuster didn’t carry the unrated version and making incorrect assumptions.

As for the comment about paying for edited movies, didn’t there used to be a service (Shut down, I believe, due to a lawsuit by one or more movie studios.) that operated out of Utah that sold “family freindly” edited versions of films with all the sex, violence and profanity edited out? They did pretty good business too I seem to recall hearing.

Shouldn’t that be spelt “Old Skool” ?

http://www.cleanflicks.com/ They’re still in business. I’m of mixed mind about these edited versions. While it’s nice to be able to watch The Terminator with the kids, it really loses some of the flavor of the original unedited version.

Old School really cracked me up. I think that the unrated version just has naked chicks in the intro menu screen. I think it’s a nice touch, as I am a big fan of nekkid chicks.

Blue! You’re my boy!

Yes…DH and I laughed/giggled throughout the entire movie. Loved it.

Ditto with Hot Chick-- VERY STUPID.