I just saw Regis Philbin in 'Get Smart'

Episode “Hot Line,” in which John Byner, posing as LBJ, gives The Chief a call and fires him, placing Max in control of CONTROL.

Reege has a bit role as a chef in the opening moments.

This is the one in which Ed “The Chief” Platt, the actor, goes back to his roots as a singer (true!), and sings “Alouette” with messed-up coded lyrics that only CONTROL operatives will understand.

I tried a few searches but came up with nothing, as of yet.

There is a doper out here who I used to chat to. I vividly recall one of your posts about an old farmhouse that is haunted. Something about a back porch area was burned down at one time and rebuilt. There was a stairway going into the cellar, which got changed after the rebuliding, thereby bricking a doorway in the cellar closed. One of the things you said was that you thought something really bad happened there at one time.

IIRC we chatted quite a few times, but I have forgotten your handle! Who were you, friend? Does anyone recognize this story even vaguely? Who was this dude?

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