I just saw the movie "Waterland"...why did everyone like it?

The IMDB is full of 10-star reviews of what an amazing and wonderful movie this was. To me it was just muddled, confusing, and dull. What am I missing?

Huh? I always heard that this movie was a horrific dud; one of the worst, most expensive movies ever made.

It has a 5.3/10 on the IMDB, so it can’t be that well thought of.

You mean Waterland as opposed to Waterworld, right?
I haven’t seen the first, but the second was…not good.

Psst. That’s Waterworld!

Well :dubious:
when compared against The Postman :rolleyes:

As has been pointed out, you’re thinking about Waterworld. Waterland is a different movie. The IMDB reviews are very gushy.

The plot summary from imdb:

ouryL, don’t say a word against The Postman. The way that the blossoming of such an unlikely friendship between Neruda and the poor, barely-literate postie was portrayed was sensitive and funny. One of my favourite movies, ever.

If you haven’t read the book, I recommend it highly (The Postman). It’s way better than the movie.

The book Waterland, by the way, is a powerful and fascinating post-modern novel told through multiple stands of history and narrative. The film is not so good, but I would suggest that those who enjoyed the film were projecting their appreciation of the book (which won some sort of price-Whitbread?) on the film.

Personally, I liked both, although admit the books loses a lot of subtlety being transferred to screen.

Am I the first one to actually reply to the OP in the whole thread? How…unusual.

Another example of the too intelligent missing the original post…Waterland was a very good film. Maybe you are too young to see what an immagrant carries with him/her, it is not always the promised land, just a new beginning.

Read the book by Graham Swift Waterland.

Who is the “immigrant” in Waterland? The narrative is all based around the Fens and people who have lived there for generations.

Gotta agree here, the book is much, much better. Had to write a piece of coursework on it some time ago, was amazed at the wealth of detail that Swift puts into the details, and the way that key themes keep reoccuring through Swift’s narrative…don’t let the poorish adaption put you off, the book’s structure is refreshingly original.

He immagrated to the USA and I saw him give lectures before I read the book.

As to the original post…I as an adult white male always seem to cry when I watch The Color Purple it is empathy for the character not how much you identify with them.

Oh, right, sorry, thinking of the original book. Another change I thought did nothing to improve the film, but I suppose some concessions had to be made to the American market.

D’oh! My mistake, and apologies.

As I always tell people, Waterland is in California and Waterworld is in Florida. Or maybe that’s Disneyland and Disney World. I always get those two confused.

Waterworld was filmed in Hawaii.