I Just Spent Too Much Money

On this camera
The battery is charging and I am just itching to go take some photos.

Last night I was wandering a mall and noticed a camera store. I have been looking for a digital SLR for a while now so I went in to check out what they had.

What they had was a sale.

Starting today on the exact camera I had my eye on and the package on sale also included a 75-300mm zoom lens along with the standard 18-55mm.

I was probably the easiest customer of the day. I bought the package with the camera and two lenses, a memory card, and camera bag. They through in a card for 100 free photo developments just cuz.

I was in and out of the store in record time.

The guy even shook my hand before I left the store. :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer Nikon over Canon, but you’ll never regret going digital SLR. Big congrats.

I’ve been looking at that one.
how much?
::: drool:::

Well I live in Canada so adjust accordingly Also I should add that I am in small town Canada right now, so you may be able to get a better deal in an urban area.

But the camera, the two lenses, 1G memory, and Camera bag came too a little under 1400. But there is some mail in rebates that I am going to take advantage of.

I told you I spent too much money.

You are going to LOVE that camera. I have the 20D (a step or two up from the Rebel.) I also paid too much for it, and I haven’t regretted it a bit. Everyone’s jealous of the pictures I take.

Here are some of my pics online (let’s see if Picasa works as advertised!)

Nikons are awesome cameras, but Canons are usually better in low-light situations, which is probably my favorite kind of photography. My subjects are usually people, which is why you don’t see any examples in this (anonymous) album. Try shooting some of your friends by candlelight - you’ll be amazed at what that camera can do.

nice pics

Once I have some more time I will have to share my experiments.

I have already taken way too many pictures of my dog and well, everything else around me.

This weekend I plan on going hiking to see what I can find.

Congrats! I just got an A700 and couldn’t be happier. Canon leads everyone in CCD tech. The DigicII is an amazing chip. Don’t let anyone tell you Nikon is better. Canon and Nikon are equivalent for many things, but Canon has much more experience with digital imaging. Advantage - Canon. Especially down the road.

I have a few Canon SLRs and a bunch of lenses, but I want the full frame CCD and the 5D is NOT in the budget right now.

5D is NOT in the budget. 5D is NOT in the budget. 5D is NOT in the budget. If I say it enough times…

As a side note. On my Digital SLR camera MB, there was a link to a new Canon commercial. We all learned at the same time. EOS is a word, not initials. That is to say, it’s not pronounced, E-O-S, it’s pronounced Eos. Rhymes with …hmmm… Dios. As in Vaya con Dios.

I also took the digital SLR plunge and got myself an EOS D20. I love the damn thing. I got a couple extra flash cards and tomorrow I’m gonna go around to some random places and shoot nothing in particular.

Not giving up my Mamiya gear any time soon, though. :slight_smile: The darkroom is too much fun.

Mamiya. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.

/The Dope would benefit from image links. This post screams for Obi-wan.
//Have fun with the D20!


You better find a kitten to take pictures of. Doesn’t matter if it’s your own kitten. As I understand it, if you post to MPISMS and you own a camera, you either have to post kitten pics or somebody with a trebuchet shoves a bleating goat up your lens without a cap.

I don’t have a camera.

I dont have a kitten handy but soon there will puppy pis.

I hope that will do

And when I mean pis I mean Pic’s :smack:

And here they are

Dog 1 ,2 ,3

Duck 1 ,2


And other randomness