I just stepped on a gecko

My cat brought it into the house hours ago and the little bugger snuck under the hall carpet. My fear was that he’d be squashed under there but I wasn’t going to rip it up so I said “forget it”.

It just got under my feet as I was walking out of the bathroom. Ironically, it was not squashed under my foot due to my years of built up reflexes to not crunch cat tails. So completely unharmed it has now scrambled in to an unreachable corner of the linen closet.

Another time, MacLeod. (I just this second named him MacLeod )

He’s trying to sell you car insurance–FLEE!

Ah, leave the lil’ guy alone. There can only be one, after all. :smiley:

Geckos are adorable and nicer to have around than spiders.

ETA: Besides, you mentioned your cat. Why would you deny kitteh his brand-new toy?

Well I think he would be happier in the jungle (backyard). I worry he’ll get under the carpet again and end up crunched. Don’t worry about the cat , I’m sure he’ll bring in another soon enough.

As it stands now, he is still at large. Was positive he’d pop out while my wife was getting out of the shower - that’s usually how it goes. Not today though. So I will have to be on the lookout for when the cat or dog are taking a strong interest in any corner or closet.

I was going to suggest Gordon.