I just tried to shave the back of my neck

How the hell does anyone do that?!

I got a hair cut 5 weeks ago, but the barber went wayyy too short (and cut off my sideburns after explicitly saying not to trim them- grrrr). It’s now the perfect length, but the back of my neck has fuzz that’s bugging me.

I tried balancing a mirror on my shoulder and guiding my razor while looking at my bathroom mirror.

No matter how hard I tried, how hard I concentrated, I just couldn’t correct for the mirror image.

So finally I closed my eyes, rested my razor so that everything felt right, then took a peek at the mirror on my shoulder to confirm alignment, then closed my eyes again and stroked down.

Over and over.

Does it look good? Nope. Though it doesn’t look too bad (I couldn’t quite get the center area right). I guess I’ll be off to the barber on Saturday.

It is much easier if you look in the handheld mirror. I remember the reversed image being difficult when I first started shaving my neck years ago. Now I don’t notice it all.