I just turned 32 and I've decided I want to fly a fighter jet. Possible?

I have no military exp. and am about semester’s worth of credits away from an Associates degree. Would the Navy or Air Force let tryout for flight school or am I too old to start the process?

From navy.com,

Prerequisites for Naval Officers:

BA/BS from an accredited university
19-34 years old
Pass a physical exam and be in good shape
Attend Officer Candidate School

airforce.com says

To be considered for the Officer Training Program, you must be 18-35 years of age, meet certain physical requirements, be a U.S. citizen and possess above-average grades and good health. Pilot candidates should turn in their application to the selection board no later than age 28-1/2. You must be a graduate of an accredited college or university and have strong moral character. It’s also important to score well on the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test.

It is not impossible.

There are prbably other counties with lower standards. You could become citizen of some other country.

The Russians used to sell MiG29 rides.

or, you could try this route:


If all you want to do is fly it, without necessarily having to join the military, I suggest you get a conventional pilot’s license, study very hard, develop as many skills as possible, plus get very very rich. Then you’ll be able to afford to “rent” a MiG.

Yes, or you could buy an F86 Sabre, a T28, various different brands of Mig, and many other obsolete military jet aircraft.

The L39 Albatross is a popular jet. There enough of them avaialble in the US that parts are not a problem.

They aren’t THAT expensive (as planes go). Its the per hour cost that will hurt…