I just used a neti pot for the first time

What an extraordinarily weird sensation THAT was.

And right after I thought about how weird it felt, I happened to look in the mirror and see how weird it looked.

And then I laughed.


But my nose is clear! Do those who use a neti pot do it daily? Did you see immediate results?

Do you get that horrible water-up-the-nose feeling? Or does the water not get that far back? Or down? Inquiring minds want to know!

It wasn’t really like a swimming water-up-the-nose feeling. It didn’t hurt. A very slight burn (I used half a packet of the solution for each nostril).

My eyes started to water and when I did the first side I ended up with some salt water in my mouth. That was a little unpleasant, but not too bad.
ETA: I did hurt when I laughed. I think I inhaled a little.

It is a very strange sensation. I sometimes accidentally put too much salt in mine and get a real sting for my efforts.

What a pain in the ass that you have to mix it everyday. Isn’t it just saline? Don’t they sell gobs of it?

It’s not a pain in the ass, it’s pouring in about 4 oz of water and stirring in a half-package of the crap they sell with it. My husband just tried it for the first time.

I’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t had the courage.

Were your sinuses impacted or did you get a frequent stuffy nose?

I don’t remember being without a nosespray since they were invented. Before that, there were nose drops in a bottle. And even before that, there were just these little inhalers that fooled users into thinking they were clear – for about ten minutes.

I will be curious about the answers to your OP.

I use it daily except when my wife tosses it on a shelf and I forget for a while until something reminds me to get it out again (this thread!). I’ve seen immediate results, very few sinus infections since I started using it a few months ago; actually only one infection and it only lasted 3 days, usually they linger for a week or more. I’m a believer. A tip I read on here was to fill a baby jar with rubbing alcohol and keep it nearby to clean off the end after using it.

The solution definitely gets that far back, it goes in one nostril and flows out the other. It’s a weird sensation the first time, not so much now.

Oooo, there are now two active neti pot threads on the Dope. Obviously, prosetylization is effective!

I’ve tried mine a couple of times - I can’t get the water to come out the other nostril, it keeps going out my mouth or down my throat. I guess I just have to persist?

Try to keep your head from leaning forward or backward. Just tilt it to a 45 degree angle so that the nostril you are pouring it into is up.
I hate doing it. I love the after-effect.

If it’s a pain in the ass, you’re using it wrong.

Yeah, mine is just a packet of salt mixture that came with the neti pot. I tear it open, poor it in, add water, shake it up, done. All of 10 seconds.

you can just use salt,

if the water is cold you get that up the nose sensation like when swimming
if its hot its really strange
if its just right you can hardly feel it…inside your head doesnt have the same nerve endings as outside.

Totally agree–and you don’t even need to use the crap they sell. All you need is non-iodized salt, like sea salt or kosher salt, and warm tap water.

If I’m not stuffy or having any sinus problem, I only use mine once per week. Otherwise I’ll use it for a couple of days until the problem clears.
You don’t need to do both nostrils. I only do my right side because it’s less awkward.

Supposedly the squeeze bottle is more effective than the pot. Whatever you do do not forget to mix the salt in the water. Tap water up the nose hurts like you wouldn’t beleive.


you so owe me a new set of scrubs… and hot chocolate spraying out of the nose is no fun, btw - stick to the salt water

I got my roommate to try it last night. He may still need more convincing, though.