I just want to get paid -long

Back story: I am bipolar and have been through hell over a very long time. I have not worked since 1996. Over the last couple of years with the help of my friends, my church family and God I have crawled out of that hell. I was hard - it is hard - I suspect it will always be hard. I have however come a long way and exceeded my own and everyone else’s expectations. I have been able to study, start a grass roots volunteer group to help folks learn to speak English - and (pertinent to this thread) was head hunted for a job.

I love this job. Last year I was helping folks learn English for nothing (it was actually costing me money). They are paying me to do the same thing (I am a Teachers Aide). They want me to get appropriate qualifications so they can employ me as a teacher (TESOL - teaching speakers of other languages and TAE - teaching adult education). so anyway I love the job. I get to help people I care about and I ~supposedly~ get paid.

I missed my first pay because they were tardy in sending out all my employment paperwork :(. So after some hassles I get the paperwork and fax it all in - I rang up and they said “no problem you should get paid for last fortnight and this one on Wednesday.” OK I start to get excited and worried at the same time (what if I don’t get paid - I have made some plans for that money which include taking my parents out for dinner tomorrow night). Anyway after having nightmares all night about not getting paid I get up this morning (8:00am) check my bank account and discover I still haven’t been paid :frowning: I am so hoping that maybe the money goes in at or after 9am. I shouldn’t complain too much I don’t need the money to survive at the moment (I am on a disability pension which wont be affected until I earn $1000). I have been trying so hard, I have tried to go be the best TA possible. Now I just want to get paid (I will ring my employers after 9 if no money shows up) :(:(:frowning:

You are in Australia where they have laws about people being paid promptly. Since you got the paperwork in on time, it’s your employer’s problem. Tell your supervisor or your HR department that it’s their responsibility to get it done – they may need to have a special pay run to do it, but it needs to happen. If you belong to a union, this is something that your union rep can apply some pressure on too.

ETA: This is my advice as a former union rep in NSW.

I’m wonderig what union a teachers aide could join (I am very pro union so have thought about it) I must do some research.

The union probably depends on which state you work in, and whether it’s a public school or a private school. You could check with whichever union has teachers as members in your school – the local organiser will know which union covers you.

(In NSW I do know the situation for public schools: the New South Wales Teachers Federation covers teachers, and the Public Service Association of NSW covers administrative and support staff.)

I’m sorry, I have no advice to give, but congratulations on getting a job, double-congrats that it’s a job you love, and triple-congrats on the general getting-your-shit-togetherness.

Here’s hoping the moolah comes through sooner rather than later.

Phew - my pay went in at 9:30pm last night

Well, alright! Thanks for the update - glad you got the pay you earned. :slight_smile:

What purplehorseshoe said. Plus an extra congrats on finally getting your money.

Do you know what bank your employer uses? (Now that it’s all ok.)

My employer uses ANZ and I have St George, for example. So some people in my office have their pay go in on the day, if they have ANZ, too. Mine is about 30 hours delayed.

Congrats on your job. :slight_smile: