I just want to... SING!

From another thread:

It also works with ‘phenomenon’. :wink:

So you’re driving along, watching TV, reading a book, or otherwise minding your own business, when you see or hear a word and it winds up being set to music in your head. What are those words, and what are the songs?

Here are a few more that get me ever time:

Nooksack (a tribe and a river up here): Love Shack, by THe B-52s
Semiahmoo (A Salish word, and the name of a spit and resort): Dirty Old Town, by The Pogues
Bakerview Road: Holiday Road, from National Lampoon’s Vacation


Thanks - I was wondering what ear worm I’d have stuck in my head for my long walk today. :smiley:

Because what would a post be if not for random Monty Python quotes?

At work, we can’t check a manometer without someone singing during the shift passdown.

This happened to me just yesterday when I got mail from some company named Phenomenex. Can you imagine having to work there?

Paging mahna mahna

Every time I see a flagman for road construction, I start composing verses set to the song “Jazzman”.

When the flagman waves his sign,
It completely ruins my day.
I was just feeling really fine,
But now it’s all gone away.

Oh, flagman…oh, flagman! ::cue sax solo::

I did it once when someone said “banana nut” and she didn’t even realize the connection till I sang da da doo doo. And then she did it for the rest of the day.

Spanish rice. Whenever we discuss it as a menu item or I notice it on the shelf at the store, I immediately start singing, “Oooooh, Spanish rice! Teardrops are falling in my Spanish rice!”

Anytime anyone says, “I couldn’t sleep at all last night”, I respond “just a-thinking of you!” (doot doot doo dah doot)

Every time I drove or walked past Joe’s Crab Shack in my college town, I’d get “Rock Lobster” stuck in my head… hmmm, hmmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmmmmm, hmhmhmhmmmm…


Whenever I read the phrase ‘lost boys’ I don’t sing, but this comes into my head.

The last time I caught this earworm was last week, when my sister announced her intention to bake: Banana bread… ♪♫ Doot Doo Da Doodoo ♪♫

I know I have several of these and I can’t think of them right now, brain apparantly is going to sleep the entire day. Not that I blame it; I wish I could join!

“You can’t always get what you want…”

I had a coworker who would say “Let us go, then,” which immediately set me off with The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Not a song, but all the same.

Oh yeah, you reminded me of another one from that poem - for some reason I often say, “I grow old, I grow old, I shall wear my trousers rolled*.”

*Which, looking it up, is an inaccurate quote, but that’s what I say. :slight_smile:

Good lord, CW, are you me? I not only use that line whenever I hear ‘I grow old’, I misquote it in the same way!

EVERY road trip through Menomonie, Wisconsin…