I Just Want to Thank All the People Who Post on a Thread Only to Correct the OP

…and then don’t contribute anything on the subject. Didn’t know this was being graded. Constructive criticism is fine, but it would be appreciated if you could expand on your superior knowledge.

This should probably go in the Pit or ATMB.

You mean like… here?

Oh snap!

Don’t you mean post in or post to a thread?

Have a cup of coffee, you’ll feel better.

Just to actually address the OP, sometimes that kind of reply is inappropriate. Other times, the OP kind of has it coming. It really depends on the particular case, I think, and not one sweeping “rule”.

an ellipsis should only have three dots.

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

Sorry for not contributing anything to the thread, but if the OP could perhaps elaborate on WTF she’s on about (hint: a link), perhaps I could come up with something useful.

I don’t think you should capitalize all the words in a thread title – this isn’t Poor Richard’s Almanack.

I think that should be, ‘an ellipsis should have only three dots.’


A sentence should have a subject.

Busted. I’m guilty of it, too, and apologize for being stoopit and judgemental. (I had forgot about that. :smack: Since it’s one of my pet peeves I was too busy thinking about myself to consider anybody else.) From now on, if I feel compelled to put in my two cents worth I’ll at least leave a comment relative to the subject, as a courtesy if nothing else. Thanks for setting me straight and I think I’ll stop drinking coffee now.

You’re right, that is a rude thing to do. We are pickier here about grammar and spelling than a lot of other places online, but posting only to bust someone’s chops about how badly they write isn’t very neighbourly.

S/he clearly didn’t.

Closed at the request of the OP.