I just washed my contacts down the drain

Woke up this morning…washed my face…and, fogetting that it is morning and not evening, I washed out my contact case…then, when I went to put my contacts on…I realized that they wern’t there, they were swirling around our sewers.

Dammit! My glasses are big, think and ugly with five years worth of scratches and dirt. It will take at least two weeks for them to grind me up some new lenses (I’ve got crazy mad bad eyes). I have to walk around with no periphial vision, looking like the geek monster from hell, hating life for two weeks or more. Of course this happens the day after I buy a bunch of new clothes because I didn’t feel sexy in my old ones…oh well, who needs self esteem??? Or money!!!

If cleaning the case was the last thing you did, the contacts might still be in the drain trap.
Might be worth taking it apart to check.

Some eye docs have loaner lenses that they will let you use, you might try that. Of course, no one stocks lenses in my power, so I have to order mine also. Lens Express is a fabulous thing!

That is why I love my disposables.

Well here is an update on my sad saga…

I took apart the sink and found one…sadly it was the contact for my bad eye, which means even with it in I cant see well enough to read. So I have an appointment at three o’clock today to get new ones. It’ll still take a while because my eyes are so strange that my contacts have to be made by a colony of French midgets who subsist on goat cheese and Fritos. Oh well, at least I can finally get a consultation about laser eye surgery and be done with this madness once and for all.

I’ve done that before. Twice. It’s not a good feeling.

Well I just got back from the eye doctors (my eyes are still dialated and I prolly shouldnt be staring at the screen). I had to drop four hundred bucks on new contacts and new glasses. It will still take two weeks wearing glasses I hate and my new ones may or may not come in before spring break. Ugh!

I once lost a contact that I dropped on a carpeted floor.
I was cleaning it, the contact dropped out of my hand and then was somehow vaporized.

I was on my hands and knees, running my hands through every square centimeter of the carpet and nothing.

Then there’s the time I took a contact out my eye and noticed it had been torn. I searched my eye thouroughly for the missing sliver and couldn’t find anything. Months -literally months later, I rub my eye and out comes a little piece of plastic that obviously had been rattling around in my eyeball for God knows how long.

Funny things contacts are. Also, you people with 20/20 vision have no idea how lucky you are. Bastards. (Well, we ARE in the Pit.)

Once I had an $80 contact that I had just gotten the day before. While I was trying to put it in, I dropped it. My mom and I searched the bathroom floor for a solid HOUR, but it was gone. Eighty dollars was a LOT of money for me at the time – it still is.

Shit! After laughing at me, though, they DID give me a discount on a replacement. I now wear disposables. At least when I drop those it’s not a financial disaster!