I just watched "The Call of Cthulhu" --the movie

The more copies of this they sell, the better a chance it is to see other films. I’d like to see The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward made into a silent film myself.

I’m putting this one on my Christmas list cause my mom doesn’t like it when I buy stuff for myself this time of year.


Right. Off to shell out for the thing. (Thanks btw, Miller!) This is gonna totally rock my housewarming-slash-holiday shindig. We won’t mention that the housewarming is about a year late…

*What th’–?! * When did recommending a movie suddenly become an invitation to be savaged by nightgaunts? What, is this “Sic Nightgaunts on Terrifel” Week or something? Well, fine. That’s just fine.

Just remember, though… I have ferrets. Eldritch, mocking ferrets! And I won’t hesitate to unleash the abominably fuzzy, writhing horde of mustelid chaos at even the slightest provocation. I’m not fooling around here, man.

Wait, nightgaunts don’t savage. They tickle and carry you off to dire places. Like Starbucks.

Where o where did you get this? Now I have to have one.


(Miskatonic U, Class of '95)

Oh believe me, when taken to excess, “coffee” plus “tickling” can indeed equal “savage.” I found that out from an overly excitable quasi-Goth girl I used to hang with.

Just go to the website where you got the DVD. All manner of cool stuff.

Let the Buyer Beware, though…that shirt was advertised as 100% cotton, and it’s got some cheesy polyester in it.

Well, of course. What would you expect of a Lovecraft T-shirt but an abomination! :stuck_out_tongue:

According to the Seattle Times, an independent, low budget film based on Lovecraft’s classic story is now in production, and the maker hopes to have it ready for Cannes in '06. He’s aiming for cineplex distribution.


It’s ultra-low budget (only $500,000, a miniscule budget by today’s standards) so I’m not hoping for Spielbergian awesomeness in the sets and special effects. Even so, I’ll probably shell out the $6.50 or so it’ll take to see it. I’m definitely curious to see what he comes up with. Judging from the article, it looks like they had a lot of fun making it.

(There seem to be a lot of Cthulhuvians on the SDMB, don’t there?)

Terrifel, I won’t be siccing any nightgaunts on you.

I got my copy of Call of Cthulhu this past weekend, and I was so enthralled, I watched it twice and re-read the Lovecraft story to see how faithful it was. Mrs. R liked it a lot, and even Little R said it was “really creepy”–high praise indeed!

Bumping thread: I saw this movie on the big screen at the Seattle International Film Festival last night, and enjoyed it greatly. I wish they’d spent the money to shoot on film; the digital medium was a little distracting. But it’s remarkable how the filmmakers’ deep love for the original material goes a long way toward overcoming technical limitations.


The director was present for a Q&A and said the team’s next project will be “The Whisperer in Darkness,” and that they’re making it as a talkie. :slight_smile:

AAAAGH. My friend mentioned that last night at dinner, and we were thinking of going since she didn’t remember WHEN it was showing.

I was hoping to see it on the big screen since I’ve got the thing on DVD. :frowning:

Well, it would have to be a talkie.

The best things about that story are the ghastly recordings of Buzzing Imitations of Human Speech.

Also, the racing out of the lonely Akeley farmhouse, through the wild domed hills of Vermont, in a comandeered motor at night.

[sub]FUCK ME, I LOVE “The Whisperer in Darkness.”[/sub]

A really good HPL farce would be Real World: Arkham.

At the mountains of madness would be a good movie.


Huh. I somehow missed this thread when it was started, but in that time I actually read “Call” for the first time, and I’m now very interested in searching around for this film.