I just watched the Red Arrows ...

… I just went to see the Red Arrows (formation flying team). I’ve seen them a few times before, so nothing special.

Except it was. There were crowds as far as the eye could see (quite a long way - 6 miles or so), we were mostly adult, many of us had seen it all before, yet were still open mouthed, admiring and rather wistful.

The trust these guys must have in each other is amazing, and their actions against all instinct - you see a bunch of planes flying towards you, with a small gap in the middle and you fly through the gap instead of geting the hell out of there. Fly your plane straight at another yet turn on your side at the last minute to just miss each other.

In some Hollywood film this would be pretty standard, but in real life, even the most sneering cynic of my office mates were silent.

Glad it’s not me flying (but I’d love the idea of being in one, however uncomfortable).