I just wrote the RPAB

RCMP Police Aptitude Battery.

I didn’t take it lightly having spent a good chunk of the holidays preparing for this standardized police test. However, I still found it fussy and full of unwelcome curve balls.

Only a 3.2/5 is needed as a ‘pass’ which I totally scored, however I don’t believe I went as high as I wanted in part because of the larger than expected number of GRE/LSAT level Balderdash vocabulary.

My bad for underestimating. Since having become interested in the RCMP I’ve developed a far greater appreciation for the quite difficult recruitment levels one needs to acquire to become a member. The recession created less demand for new officers so recruiting is unbelievable competitive for the next several years (600 Depot openings this year for 10,000 applicants, apparently). I’m told a 4.0-4.5 is what is needed now.

Still, you never know. I could get a big envelope when my score arrives next month.

As long as you passed, you’ll probably at least get the application package, or, more likely, directions to where you can print off the application package yourself. I wrote the RPAB like four years ago and then got deferred for three years, so I don’t remember what my score was. It wasn’t 4.0, though. I was allowed to keep it, and just yesterday I got a call to schedule my selection interview.

Don’t be discouraged, it’s just one step and as long as you didn’t totally bomb it they’ll let you advance to the next one. Take my advice and start training for the PARE now, if you haven’t already. Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback. I can’t stand the blueline.ca forums so I posted here instead, although I wasn’t expecting any replies.

Congrats on receiving and interview. Did you choose to be deferred or was that handed to you?

Being unemployed contains the benefit of considerable amounts of free time available for exercise. I’ve been in the gym on a steady basis for the past 8-months. I’ve also done similar testing through forest-fire fighting. Still, I won’t enter into it lightly.