I justed voted for myself

Well today’s Primary Election Day in PA and there were no Democrats running for nomination in my state representative district so I figured “What the hell” and voted for me as a write-in. Anybody ever done the same thing? Or voted for a relative? Fictional character?

When I turned 18 in 2004 I voted for my next-door neighbor for president.

At my community college, only one or two student government positions (president and maybe trustee or something) really ever have more than one person running. Information on these people is almost always sketchy. From the content of the campaigning that goes on before the elections, their position can generally be summarized down to “I’m cute! Tee hee!” I write in my friends for every single position.

I voted for Al Sharpton in the last Democratic primary. He’s fictional, right?

I voted for Carol Mosley-Braun!

I always vote for Batman at least once everytime I vote.

Only when his lips move. :slight_smile:

Never myself or a fictional character, but I wrote in Abe Lincoln for President in my last Presidential Primary.

I’m going to remember this thread next time someone gives me shit about not voting.

A few years ago there was a story on Spanish TV about some old feller who wanted to vote the King for Senate and was all worked up that “Juan Carlos I” wasn’t one of the listed options.

One of my uncles ran for Senate once; he took advantage of a huge family meeting to go to each relative and ask us to vote for him. I think he didn’t get a single vote from us, oops.

Last election was my forst chance to vote, so I took it as seriously as I could, given the situation. But screw it, it didn’t help anyway. Oh well, next time I’m gonna vote for Papa Smurf. :smiley: