I knew it! They've been slipping me diuretic mickeys!

“No, I haven’t been giving you diuretics!”

No? Then why is my urine so clear and there’s so much of it on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays? I don’t fill a one-liter urinal in 45 minutes normally.

But one of my manifold doctors said I am prescribed Lasix three times a week. If I’m not going anywhere I don’t mind, but I objected sternly to NOT BEING TOLD ABOUT IT! It’s not bad enough to threaten a lawsuit, even though the law firm of Nirvana, Nirvana, and Fromage could use the work, but it pissed me off.

I hope you are not getting supplemental potassium to go with the diuretic you are not getting!

They’re clearly taking the piss… :slight_smile:

Yes we have no bananas.
I’m pissed, too.

I got a banana at breakfast. :slight_smile:

I should remind them. I’m not feeling it, but I don’t want to, either.

Wait, I usually take a lot of Lasix at a time and get massive cramps. They’re just giving me a small dose and that could account for the little odd feelings I get.

As you may know, one thing that landed me here was my bad knees. Last Friday my physiatrist prescribed lidocaine ointment to go along with a reduction in my pain meds. Pain meds were reduced but after five days of griping I finally got it tonight at 8pm.

The tube was squished, indicating that it had been used, and there is a label for a different patient on the back. Used meds from an apparently dead woman. I spoke up, “Do you know how many laws this violates?”

The RN chose that moment to become a person of limited faculties, “Well, it’s the right stuff.”

“That isn’t my point. My point is that it is illegal and unsanitary to give me a used tube of somebody else’s meds! Lemme talk to the person in charge right now.”

It’s been an hour.

Oh, snap!
You should call a news outlet.

Tell the Person in Charge that giving you a USED tube of medication is simply rude, crude, and socially unacceptable.

Along with DAMNED illegal!

Daughter the pharm tech freaked about the HiPAA violations alone.

I would be livid. That’s just gross they tried to pull that crap.

Dropzone, I’m a nurse in real life, and most of my career has been spent in rehabilitation or long term care. Often in a dementia unit, but not always. Currently, I teach care aides at a career college.

I have been reading your threads with absolute horror, but this tops it. Between not being informed of your medications, to getting a used tube of anything, I’m not just livid on your behalf I’m considering asking your permission to use your story as a “what is wrong here” scenario with my students.

20 years ago it was not uncommon to have bulk doses of things like creams in the med room and we would squish some into a cup and bring it to the client. We don’t do that anymore, and this is in Canada, where we aren’t accounting for every supply involved in health care.

Who is making your medical decisions? Unless for some reason a family member has all that power you should be told about every change in dosages, etc. I had family members who were impatient when we called for permission for every medicated shampoo or change in medication dosage the doctor ordered, but it is the law.

What is going on and why? Also please feel free to ask any nursing home type questions to me, either in this forum or via pm.

the worstest part is that it is counterintuitive for a topical anesthetic to relieve pain deep in a joint, but it works!