I knew someone at the Pentagon.

My mom just sent me an e-mail letting me know that someone I knew was killed in the Pentagon crash.

Her name was Pat Statz. When I knew her, she was a civilian working for the Department of Defense in Heidelberg, Germany. I was in high school in the mid-eighties when she, my mother, my brother and I all worked as crewmembers in a community theater production of Camelot. I didn’t know her very well, but I remember her smiling a lot and she was always nice to us kids… She was thin and had long blond hair. She was 41 years old.

I don’t know what I’m feeling. This hits too close to home. I don’t want to be melodramatic but it really does hurt.

I’m so sorry. How sad, and jarring.

I got a similar message last week. Spent some time bawling in my office.

The sad thing is, I’ll bet a lot of us will be getting news like this over the coming weeks. It’s funny–you think you couldn’t feel worse, you think the media is doing an extraordinary job putting a face on the victims, bringing it home–and then you suddenly and unfortunately discover yeah, it could get even closer to home. You can feel even worse.

It sucks, and I’m sorry for your sad news.

My deepest condolences, Canthearya. As it turns out, I had family in there (Mamma O’s cousin) who fortunately was not in that part of the building; however the husband of one of the program managers here in the office was on the flight that hit the Pentagon. She has a 4-year-old daughter who apparently is asking when Daddy will be home.

Very, very sobering.

I’ve gotten similiar news from my uncle in New Jersey about people we knew who died/are missing at the WTC. On top of the firefighters I already knew about that I met when they were in OKC.

It’s hard to describe how I’m feeling about it. Especially the ones that aren’t confirmed as dead. But I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone with the spouses or kids of the ones I know about now. There are a lot of tears.

My condolonces to Cranky, Canthearya, manhattan, and everybody else.

I found out this weekend that I knew someone that died at the World Trade Center. I found out on Saturday night, and went to his funeral on Sunday.

Mark Brisman was a lawyer that I knew from when I worked with him on a Bar Association committee. A bright and talented lawyer, and an all around solid guy. He leaves behind a wife, a 5-year old son, a 2-year old daughter, three brothers and sisters (including a twin sister) and his parents.

In some very bizzare ways I feel releved to have found out I knew someone who has died. I know over the coming weeks that I will learn of others who have died. This makes the whole incident much more personal and real for me. It was also good to go through the traditional rituals of mourning for a person, rather than the extraordinary rituals of city-wide mourning.

The horror of the incidents of September 11 keep growing and reverberating in multiple ways.

Yeesh, that’s awful, but I’m afraid that news like that will probably keep coming. My condolences to you all. :frowning:

what can I say , I sit here thinking not only of all that have died but of their family and friends, our lives have been changed forever but it is for us who are still here to make the difference on what we do about it.

I myself am waiting for a complete casualty list from the Pentagon. The people I know who would’ve worked there would have been in the basement.

I hope I don’t recognize anyone.

I don’t know anyone directly, but my husband’s best friend is a teacher in PA. One of his students had two parents in the WTC that day. I know for certain that one was killed. I haven’t heard on the other one.

For someone I have never met, or even know their name, I cried.

I’ve gone down the victims name list from the CNN sight and read through all the names that are confirmed. It saddens me to my very core.

I’m sorry for you all. :frowning:

I don’t know anyone that has died or is missing (yet), but I do know two people who were lucky enough to get out alive from the second tower.

My job also takes me into direct contact with survivors and/or family members of the victims of both the WTC and the Pentagon, as well as the people who worked for the airlines. It’s hard, and each person I talk to has a story, and need to talk about it. It’s my job to listen and help them with their accounts (life insurance and unemployment claims and things like missed payments). We had to have emergency ‘sensitivity’ training last week, but even that has left me unprepared.

And it gets worse every day.


I haven’t heard of anyone I knew directly yet, but a high school classmate of my brother’s was killed, along with his dad. Jason Coffey (I may be spelling that wrong) and his dad both worked at the WTC. Mom says she was surprised to see the obits in the paper so soon.

Apparently the younger man was on the phone with his fiance when the first plane hit.

Like chique, I’m waiting for a complete list. I wonder if we’ll ever see one from the Towers… I just keep thinking that with over 6000 dead, chances are I do know somebody.

I was telling the Dopers last Sunday that fortunately, everyone in my immediate circle of folks made it out ok. On Monday, I found out that one of the guys in my college set didn’t.

Great guy, although after college we didn’t go around in quite the same circles. I would usually run into Mike a few times a year. I remember when he got his first job in finance. He was thrilled to be working at the WTC. I never could remember the name of his firm. Now, of course, everyone in the country knows it – Cantor Fitzgerald.

I hate that I have to go through this, and I hate that you all, my Doper pals, have to go through this too.

Isn’t this just the most rotten thing ever?