I knew United Statesians are famous for smallish joints...

…but this is ridiculous
A young woman’s been busted for smuggling weed under postage stamps.

What the hell? “Less than one gram?” Under a stamp? A lot less, I should say. How much can you fit under a freakin’ stamp, while allowing enough adhesive to contact the envelope to ensure that the letter gets delivered?

How much labour/risk is involved to shuttle enough material to cobble even a New York joint together? Ten letters, I’m guessing you could fit about 1/20th of a gram under a stamp without it being obvious… The postage costs more than the contraband-- and at the end of it, the poor bastard’s got some scraggly crumbs that are all full of glue and stuff.

I’ll bet the poor girl wishes the unidentified inmate was an acidhead, like her last boyfriend. To think that she may actually spend a year in prison for the amount of marijuana that I could probably shake out of my keyboard. It boggles the mind.

Outrageous, yes. It could have been worse, though. She transported dope by the US mail, which could have been a federal bust.


I’ll have you know I roll rather large joints on a regular basis, and I am from the states. Do we really have a rep for rolling small joints or was that just a clever tag line? :confused:


Yes, and sort of. (I dunno how clever…) A very common generalization usually made by folks who don’t blink when they refer to the real fatties as “Chongers.” Or just don’t blink at all.