I know I will get blasted for this but oh well

Note to self:

Scratch plans to create sock puppet called “Ho Smacka” and start thread entitled “Axe da pimp.”

When you planned this particular rant, wouldn’t it have been nice to, say, Ask the Excellent Ranter?
Shit, that’s a question. Sorry…


Originator of 0 “Ask The…” threads

Ask the hand seems to agree with you that there are too many Ask The ____'s.

What about “ask the banned poster”

:confused: What?

The good news is, this trend seems to be dying out. The bad news is, it looks like it’s being replaced with the equally annoying “check in” threads. Sigh.

I know a thread you can start, techie…

“Ask the chic who can’t spell to save her life.”


Is this the one you mean?

Ask the troll buster.

I also found these:
You want the truth about trolls and puppets? Ask one who knows.

The Troll Wars are over. Ask the troll for details.

Geez, deny us the ONE STINKING “Ask the…” thread that I actually NEED. (“Ask the Tech Chick.”)

What? You don’t want to spend all your leisure time answering techno-impaired posters’ questions? At least Esprix was FORTHCOMING with all his gay knowledge.

And, for the record, if anyone wants to ask the heterosexual housewife anything, I’m here for you. (Hint: 90% of the time, the answer is: “Try Clorox”)


Note to self:

Next Colorado Doper’s gathering, slip roofies (sp) in Lexicon’s and Mr. Cynical’s drinks. De-pants them in the middle of LoDo and leave them to sleep in all of public view.

Gee, I feel sorta bad cause I started the “Ask the Hired Killer” thread. Still, pest control is something that I have experience and expertise in, and something just about everyone might need at some time.

Am I off the hook, techchick?