I know I will get blasted for this but oh well

Ask the… < insert word here >

Sorry folks but this “Ask the…” is GETTING OLD.

Okay, here’s one for you:

“Ask me if I give a shit” My answer will be, no I don’t.

I don’t care if your:

gay – no offense Esprix
bisexual – no offense Troy (closet bi)

a dickhead
a bitch
a racist
a male chauvanist pig (sp)
(these four are future threads I see)

Or whatever else seems to pop into your mind at the time.

It was a novel idea pretty much started by Esprix…but this has gone to far.

I have to bitch about it because these damn threads keep popping up and it’s just plain boring now.

If ya gotta flame about it, then by all means the floor is open, but if you are only doing it to participate and flame me for my thinking then “fuck you”.

< rolling eyes >

Ask the burping, bitch
Ask the hairy legged ape
Ask the cheese eating taxidermist

Fer God’s sake…I can tolerate things like:

Ask the Auto Mechanic
Ask the Computer Technician
Ask the Doctor
Ask the Chef

But this has gone too damn far. If you have a specialty that people can really come away with some valuable information then I am all for it. Other than that, stop posting this “Ask the…” for the sake of posting it.


BTW Esprix, your’s is a valid one, there are a lot of people that don’t understand homosexuality and are curious but some of these topics have become a stupid joke. Not worthy of bandwidth.

< said my peace now flame if you must >

Whew, I feel better now. I have been wanting to post this for a looooong time.

Sorry, techchick68, but someone’s already beaten you to this one… right here.

And to recap the responses in that thread (IIRC) – if you don’t like 'em, don’t read 'em, they have proved useful/interesting for people, etc etc etc.

7 for the OP, though!

[sub]Oh, this is the Pit? Uh, goat-felching hose-beating poodle-permed leprosy-riddled, er, you get the picture…[/sub]

How’d I miss it?

Oh well, mine is a different bitch about the same thing.

No I don’t have to read them but the titles are getting really lame.

Ask the plastic cup might be the next one.


Ask the worn out tennis shoe

< rolling eyes >

I can see this happening and it scares me!

Regardless I find it out of control. (this is not the first repeat of a thread in here;)

NO? Bad wolf?

Soooo . . . . what should we ask you ?


Shit, now I’m gonna have to shelve my idea for “Ask the Green Leafy Vegetable”.

I am gonna have to slap you upside the head NothingMan.


You know that, you poopoohead! HAHA

Wait, I have to back track here…I will not post a thread that says “Ask the …” If you ask me a question that is soemthing I can answer, I am more than happy to respond. BUT, I refuse to post a thread that goes something like “Ask the Adopted Kid”.


oh and


Heh. We have everthing except, “Ask the Drunken Moderator,” and that on ain’t gonna happen by my hand.

No, wait. Since we have a Nixon & a Bill Clinton registered, we could, but don’t, have a “Ask the Commander-in-Chief” thread. Now that one has some fantastic humorous possibilities.

Well, how about:

Inquire of the … (fill in he blank).

Why would anyone blast you for ranting against the most irritating growing trend? I just hope (and actually believe) that the trend is dying out. This will leave me perfectly positioned to resurrect it 3 months from now with an “Ask Mully” type of thread. Then, I can be on the edge of reviving a trend.

And I beat them both with:

technically, I was just bitching that they were in GD; now that most of them are in MPSIMS I don’t really have a problem.

Well techie, hope you will respond to the thread us guys are thinking of starting called “Ask the guys who are in love with techchick”.

Ah Unca, that’s a thread I would participate in – while I am drunk too < giggle >

Wasn’t there a thread called “Ask the drunk guy?”

If you start a thread “Ask the guys who are in love with techchick”. I will have to publicly flog you.


Yeah manhattan, in fact, I would do it as a pay per view event on the internet.

Hey if I have to beat someone silly I might as well get some money out of it. < hehe >

Now that you mention it, I think Beeruser did initiate a topic along those lines a few months back.

Let’s see… yup. Here it is.


Ask the X threads may not be too great, but they’re a hell of a lot better than the endless parade of “I’ve got a crush on you” threads. Seems like Jr High all over again.

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. :frowning:


Esprix…english please…

Latin for ‘through my fault’. I guess “mea maxima culpa” would loosely translate as “Totally (or completely or maximally) my fault”.

Of course, I don’t really know Latin but I have some attorneys and doctors in my family so you sort of pick some up along the way.