"Ask the..." threads you would like to see

In spite of some mild backlash against them, the “ask the…” threads look like they’re here to stay. I don’t mind them as long as people don’t get carried away with it and start posting “ask the…” threads with silly topics. I’ve even learned some interesting things from the threads I have followed/posted on and there are some others I would like to see:

[li] Ask the telemarketer- If anyone is brave enough to admit to being one or having been one.[/li][li] Ask the repo man- Again, interesting, albeit perhaps reviled job to anyone who has been on the receiving end.[/li][li] Ask the pilot- I’m sure pilots would have lots of interesting things to say about their jobs.[/li][li] Ask the TV news anchor/reporter- I’ve stored up a few questions that I would like to ask one.[/li][/ul]

Please be realistic with your suggestions. In other words, use suggestions which are likely to spawn such a thread from a fellow doper whose career or other expertise or other related experiences would allow him/her to post such a thread. No ridiculous, off-the-wall suggestions such as “Ask the serial killer”, please.

For reference to see if your proposed thread has already been done, I have linked the Compendium of “Askthe…” threads thread.

I’ve got a friend who is a Repo-Man. I bet he would register and start that thread for ya. :slight_smile: I should ask him tonight.

Ask the moderator who’s seen one too many “Ask the…” threads. :smiley:

I could have sworn that there was a Ask the Telemarketer thread. The person didn’t seem to be the person on the phone, but someone who worked for a telemarketing company. The thread got kinda hot.

Ask the physical therapist…
Ask the stripper…
Ask the cartoon tv addict…

Ask the Pimp

Ask the prostitute.
Ask the convicted serial killer.
Ask the international man of mystery.

Ask the senator.
Ask the President.

Good ones, Muad’Dib. How about:

Ask the Pope.
Ask the Queen of England.
Ask the deposed ruler of a Middle-Eastern country.

Ask the Cecil!!!

OK, I’ll post the first question. Why is it that moderators seem to dislike/frown upon/loathe/despise/hate/fear/be disgusted by/disdain/have nightmares about “Ask the…” threads?

Looks like nobody’s done “Ask the psychiatrist” recently. If there’s interest, I’d like to do that one.

oldbat, md

Ask the Cecil.

Ask the {insert illegal occupation here]
Prostitute, gang member, made man, assassin, etc.

Ask the truck stop shower cleaner.
Ask the peeping tom.
ask the editer of a dictionary or any other book company.
Ask the Peep show moper.
Ask the creator of the universe.
Ask the creator of a universe.
Ask the creator of striaghtdope.

God I could go on forever… LOL

I sold AT&T long distance service for a month, so if you want to ask the telemarketer, I’ll fill in…

Stuff I’d like to see?
Hmm… ask the Priest! Straight Dope confessional queue forms here…

Ask the guy who stayed up till 3AM playing Warcraft III even though he sucks at it and didn’t win once.

Ask the Time Traveler from the Year 3000

what about the creator of “straight dope”? That would be even cooler.

Imagine how frustrating that’d be though, every question answered with a question…:dubious:

“Well how many patients do you think I see in a day?” :rolleyes:
What about ask the crack addict?
Ask the dead man walking?
Ask the split personality with opposing views sufferer?