Ask The ________ Threads You'd Like to See

I, for one, would like to see “Ask The Multi-Millionaire.”

Any other ideas?

Dead guy

Bitter Former CEO of a Billion-Dollar Startup Who is Now Broke

Silicon-based life form.


Author of an Eight-Book Fantasy Series Who Will Begin Wrapping Things Up Presently.

Hungover Guy

banned guy



wait, I have a few more



Girl Who Said It Would Ruin Our Friendship, But Do You Mind If I date Your Brother?

Ducati 748 Owner

Drug Dealer



Guy With No Life Who Sits Around on Friday Nights Posting To Message Boards

person booted from “Survivor”

fundie who makes two posts, realizes that everybody here is too smart for his propaganda, and leaves, never to return

So in other words, you want me to start a thread.

Tabletalk at once had an “ask the pornographer” thread.

on her life in Vegas working for some humongous casino. It sounds tough but interesting. Aside from that, maybe strippers. S


Ask the Necrophiliac.

Ask the very shy guy who doesn’t have a clue and only lurks!

Mrs. Adams (As in, Mrs. CECIL Adams)

Ask the person who really really needs sex.

The chick who can teach anyone to have mind-blowing multiple orgasms

Would anyone be up for an “Ask the paralyzed guy” thread?

I’ve considered starting, but with the flood of these type of threads I’m not sure it would get much action.

If you want it, I’ll start one.

Ask the Doper Who is Really Someone Famous

Ask the Vampire

Asexual, schizophrenic bum

Ask the Nihilist

Ask the Hired Killer

Ask the Guy Who Still Watches the XFL

Ask the Homeless Guy

Ask the Professional Bowler

Ask the Serial Killer

Ask the Siamese Twin

Go for it Dignan. I think that would be cool!

Ask the Lurker. It’d be worth it just for the irony.

Ask the crack whore.

Ask the zygote.

Ask the Goddess.

Ask the guy with the huge dick.

Ask the hermaphrodite.

Ask the Ku Klux Klansman.

Ask the demon.

Ask the washed up soap star.

Ask the alien abductee.

Ask the disbarred lawyer.

Ask the possessed chick.

Ask the secret service agent.

Ask the witness relocation program participant.

Ask the Unibomber.

Ask the death row inmate.

Ask the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

Ask the boy in the bubble.

Ask the pope.

Ask the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.